Month: February 2010

more counting wars / Manhattan coop + condo inventory

  some numbers(In which, Manhattan Loft Guy gets into the weeds — again — with numbers and takes StreetEasy to the woodshed.) Let’s beat that old horse of Different Firms, Different Numbers again … as a follow-up to my February

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theater group needs some FREE space short-term / anyone have some?

  outsourcingI got an interesting request from someone affiliated with a small non-profit theater company that needs donated space for a small site-specific production from April 20 to May 9. I will try to figure out if I know any

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was it feng shui that got 45 Crosby Street sold?

  or was it more asking fewer western dollars?(This is an extended episode, with many twists and turns; perhaps Manhattan Loft Guy needs an editor.) I can’t say I have seen that many Manhattan lofts marketed with feng shui given

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inventory numbers: different firms, different issues

  why can’t we all just get along?Back to real estate here, as I see that five of the last 13 posts have been of the Caution: no real estate content variety, but these things run in cycles…. I got

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another birthday but no sales today

readers of a certain age, unite!Recalling that last weekend’s extravaganza of furniture, auto and General Miscellaneous sales was premised on the birthday observances of Presidents, today is the actual birthday of an actual president. Not just any President, of course,

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Quote of the Day, Olympics edition

  Today’s NY Times: U.S. Hockey Team Starts to Believe Again.I don’t know Jeff Klein and have not previously noted his by-line, but my hat is off to him today for a decsription of a bad tacticl choice by the

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babbling in the Real Estate Industrial Complex / NY Magazine edition

  does EVERYONE want to live in the Village?I probably take boozy (and woozy) press coverage about the Manhattan real estate market more seriously than most people (I hope so, for their sake), but this bit of drivel from a

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38 Warren Street and other loft buildings in 1894 (lamp + “gas trimmings” importers & more)

  The Google is my (distracting) friendI played around on Google when I was looking at the listing history of 38 Warren Street (for the February 19, was the terrace free at 38 Warren Street?) and found some interesting history

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was the terrace free at 38 Warren Street?

  of course not! (but there’s more)The Manhattan loft #9B at 38 Warren Street (Keystone Building) closed on February 5 at $2.3mm, which at first looked like a healthy-for-2010 $1,152/ft, especially when compared to #8A, which cleared in January 2008

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happy Pitchers & Catchers!

  for those for whom this is a holiday event(And you know who you are…) Twelve teams reported yesterday, with first work-out today. Teams report as late as February 22 (what’s up with Cleveland??). If you must have details on

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