Month: May 2010

today is for memory and …

MemorialI have been wearing a number 40 red football jersey all weekend with someone’s name on it who I’ve never met and wasn’t a fan of while he played, but am remembering this weekend. Who are you remembering? Some years

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if sold in 2005 and 2008 at same price, how to price a loft for 2010?

too weird to overlookI am not going to offer too many details about this currently-listed Manhattan loft, so prepare to be frustrated! I think this loft’s history is just too weird to not comment on, so nuts to you. The

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QOTD distinguishes “glamour” from “Utah”

he better stay out of Park City + SundanceThe Wall Street Journal featured a la-di–da Bridgewater home on the market for 8 figures by some (famous?) architect. Check the slide-show for details and pix of the 12,000 sq ft house

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55 Liberty Street closes as if 2007, progress of a sort

free at last!The Manhattan (mini) loft #11D at 55 Liberty Street (Liberty Tower) closed last week (May 21) at $602,500, just a rounding error off the last sale price (December 2007) of $590k. Sheesh … another reminder that I need

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27 N. Moore St + 71 Warren St party like its 1999 (and sell)

eleven years = better by one-fifth or worse by one-thirdTwo Manhattan lofts sold this month that last sold way back in 1999. In 1999, the "1,800 sq ft" condo with private "300 sq ft" roof terrace  71 Warren Street #5

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modesty pays as 107 West 25 street sells quickly, up a fraction since 2004

18 days to contractIf you were distracted in February you could easily have missed the fact that the Manhattan loft #3E at 107 West 25 Street came to market on February 5, as it was in contract by February 23.

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balcony problem a deal-beaker? or, another disappointing major media Manhattan real estate article?

or, is Manhattan Loft Guy just getting cranky?I was pleased to see that NY Magazine ran a recent S. Jhoanna Robledo on-line piece asking — among other things — "do buyers care [about the recent press about dangerous balconies]?". I

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outsmart the market? or, write a dumb headline?

curmudgeon much??I got very confused reading the lead-front-page-above-the-fold NY Times article in today’s Real Estate section, Five Ways for Buyers to Outsmart the Market because — for some reason — I kept looking for ways that buyers could outsmart the

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did the Zen sell a walk-up loft at 464 West Broadway?

or was it the price?I still don’t think it was the feng shui that got the Manhattan loft 45 Crosby Street #5S sold back in February (February 25, was it feng shui that got 45 Crosby Street sold?), but the recent

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3,000 sq ft Manhattan loft renovated for $250,000

just for floors, kitchen + bathsI stumbled across a Wall Street Journal slide-show in the new trying-to-outdo-The-Times section this week, featuring a Tribeca loft of nearly 3,000 sq ft that had been renovated for $250,000. Of course Manhattan Loft Guy

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