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does residential “loft” mean something different in California housing?

paging Inigo Montoya*In today’s Home and Garden section of the New York Times, a Great Homes and Destinations feature (Riding in Tandem), a California couple who built a brand new “empty nest” on a half acre on the outskirts of

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memory lane: New York lottery guy says two-MILL-yon dollars to describe discount on Greenwich Village “loft”

  Four Years Ago Today on Manhattan Loft Guy You were warned in my July 4 post that you had a couple of weeks of archived Manhattan Loft Guy material coming up; almost up. In my July 16, 2009, dropping

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memory lane: defining “loft” and the 2009 market

  FYAToMLG, and FYAToMLG You were warned in my July 4 post that you’ve got a couple of weeks of archived Manhattan Loft Guy material coming up. Today’s a two-fer because once I got into the Manhattan Loft Guy archives

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FYAToMLG / how ephemeral is the fashion of lofts in Manhattan?

early stuff, still good!Today is the day to take that occasional OYAToMLG series into the way-back machine. I probably came across this post when I was playing in the deep Manhattan Loft Guy archives last week, and I like it.

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'apartment' or 'loft' / sometimes you just have to laugh

still getting used to the new listing system, but smiling on occasionMy new mantra is if ‘change is good’, why is transition so hard? I offer that thought as a transition to this nugget in the Corcoran data-base that caught

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loft or not? caution: active ranting ahead

classification irritationEver since I began counting new listings and closed sales for Manhattan "lofts" last October I have been aware of — and irritated by — the definitional problems in doing such a ‘simple’ thing. As I said in that

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414 W 51 in contract, but you say tom-ah-toe

I say toe-may-toGreg Leveridge of JC DeNiro certainly knows his lofts, since he has been agent for many loft sales, including one at 543 Broadway I blogged about a couple of times. So maybe that proves that one person’s “loft”

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you want an authentic loft? 265 Water + 35 White qualify, both new(ish)

right time to use overworked words Two new listings fit my paradigm of “authentic” Manhattan lofts, though they are very different from each other. (Only one uses “unique” in the listing, which I can forgive. See October 15, 2006: unique

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window shopping the loft aesthetic at 143 Reade + 421 W 54 St with NY Times

  “harbingers of … a refreshing return to an aesthetic that celebrates the qualities of loft living” Suzanne Slesin’s ‘Window Shopping’ feature in this past Sunday’s NY Times Real Estate section, Two Loft Conversions, Two Points of View, reviews her

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loft = designer clothes / the award for most interesting description of loft living goes to

  … the eco-conscious Tribeca mom with the guilty conscience (and the Prius) One nugget from Sunday’s ‘Habitats’ section of the NY Times Real Estate section.   The mom with the automobile commute to the Upper East Side with the

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