Month: June 2012

bromancing the restaurateur: an homage to Danny Meyer

if not The Man Who Made (modern) Madison Square, at least The Man Who PushedI’ve been sitting on a “Living Around” feature about Madison Square and environs from the Sunday New York Times Real Estate section nearly two months, A

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$1,500/ft for 7 Bond Street loft with 4 windows, no bedrooms

The Bond Street effect in actionThe problem for the "1,100 sq ft" Manhattan loft #2D at 7 Bond Street is obvious from the floor plan, and only slightly less obvious from the photos: the four great big windows at the

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129 West 22 Street loft sells at $947/ft as more classic than mint-y, but you have to sleep inside

dressed up by loft lovers, for loft lovers The longer I look at the large format photos of the “1,431 sq ft” Manhattan loft #4B at 129 West 22 Street that recently sold at $1.355mm, the more I agree with

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how to make sense of 475 Broadway loft sale, at $1,280/ft or $1,608/ft??

caution: rant is comingYou don’t need to know how big a Manhattan loft is to put a sale in the context of sales in the same building (assuming same footprints, of course), but it is very difficult to do a

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loft at 245 Seventh Avenue sells at $1,215/ft with very strange wall

a post for floor plan fetishists onlyOf course I will get to the financial and comparative details, but the first thing I looked at for the “2,258 sq ft” Manhattan loft #4B at 245 Seventh Avenue that just sold for

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a troubling line potential sellers hear from agents all the time

having nothing to do with pajamas (really)The Real Deal has a puff piece in the June issue that was featured on their web page last week, Doing deals in pajamas, that has a dog-bites-man ‘news’ quality about it that is

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2nd floor loft at 9 West 20 Street beats well-dressed 5th floor loft from 2010

or, is the broker babble too modest?It can be difficult to compare Manhattan lofts based on small photos and broker babble, but you’d think that listing descriptions and photos put a property in the best possible light. In the case

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small loft sale at 252 Seventh Avenue is another double-sided bold name transaction

once more into The MercThe New York Observer has the news about a recent sale of a small loft at the Chelsea Mercantile, sold by a photographer to an HBO executive. (I have heard of one half of these bolds,

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more than 18 months to contract for 377 West 11 Street loft

only 2 price changes, less than 10% totalYou’d think that a Manhattan loft on the market from August 2010 into 2012 would need more than a 10% price drop to sell(if you are like me, that is.) I still think

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bold-faced names on both sides of 121 West 20 Street loft sale that beat 2008 by a million bucks

bold numbers are more interestingThere is something extremely weird about the recent sale of the top-floor duplex Manhattan loft #5D at 121 West 20 Street. Not the fact that none of the names printed in the New York Post report

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