Month: September 2006

more limitations of loft living / not so bright on Prince

  limitations of the Soho style loft There’s an open house this Sunday (1 – 2:30) at 113 Prince St #4ER offered by Wendy Maitland of Corcoran. It looks like a sweet “Soho style” loft, though I’d put it just

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Ice House does fly / NY Times residential sales

agent told no lies about 27 North Moore loft Today’s NY Times report on closed residential sales includes a Manhattan from the Ice House in Tribeca. TRIBECA $1.995 million 27 North Moore Street (Ice House) 2-bedroom, 2-bath, 1,700-sq.-ft. condo in

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top 6 six-figure Manhattan lofts

  It surprised me to find as many as six ‘real’ lofts available for under $1 million (in fact, there are more).   All are in true loft buildings. All pass my "loft-smell" test.     6. 111 Fourth Av

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when does Long Island City = New Orleans? More on the immense scale

  prime office space is comparable Today’s NY Times business section has pieces on facing pages (if you read the paper on paper) with a fascinating parallel about office space.   The entire prime office market in New Orleans is

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puzzling price policy / slow death near Union Square

  why drop a price? I have been watching a loft listing at 4 West 16 St (#8A) since it came to market in April, because I listed a unit in this building last year. I thought the original asking

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unique strengths in the Manhattan real estate market

  “everyone” says the Manhattan real estate market is “different”, sometimes they are right Thursday’s NY Times business section ran a data piece about income inequality in the US, which had a fascinating kernel for the Manhattan real estate market.

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how close is that hotel in the window? Light, lost; lowers lucre

  More change + less light in Flower District loft = less value I’ve had my internet eye on a West 28th Street loft for a buyer customer and had a chance to see it at an open house today.

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not exactly a

  … well, it wasn’t tax fraud, so it must have been … … yes, it was pot (and “psychedelic mushrooms”), according to today’s NY Post.   Louisiana state troopers found 1.5 POUNDS of marijuana and some magic mushrooms after

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loft owners open their own doors

  Now that I covered what it costs for full-time doorman coverage (yesterday), I tested my generalization that many loft owners and buyers do not want a doorman (or don’t want to pay to have one, or don’t have the

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How much is that doorman in the doorway? What owners pay for staff

  what can you do with two-tenths of a doorman? Yesterday’s NY Sun has an article about doormen that focuses on costs. They estimate that 24-houir coverage costs about $160,000 pre year (for “4.2” doormen). Shared among 100 owners in

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