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weekend diversion / world's game, distaff edition

that was a tough match with Costa Rica, wasn’t it?Even if you did not stay up to get the late soccer result from Vancouver last night, by now you know that the United States Women’s National Team beat Costa Rica

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54 East 11 Street loft needed only 91 days, but a complete re-do to add 10% to 2006 value

successful campaign, in a limited senseYou can’t tell directly from the StreetEasy listing page for the “2,000 sq ft” Manhattan loft on the 3rd floor of 54 East 11 Street, but it took only 91 days for the sellers to

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diversion / different kind of wonders, again unceasing

do not bet against this athleteOn their best days (and ours) athletes are sources of inspiration, instead of additional reminders that the world is populated by people with moral defects, even people with extraordinary gifts. Dutch woman Monique van der

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Quote of the Day, Olympics edition

  Today’s NY Times: U.S. Hockey Team Starts to Believe Again.I don’t know Jeff Klein and have not previously noted his by-line, but my hat is off to him today for a decsription of a bad tacticl choice by the

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