Month: July 2012

Jade loft resale at 16 West 19 Street is a strong price, but off 7% since 2007

measure against sponsor sale or $/ft?The podilicious “1,336 sq ft” Manhattan loft #4E at 16 West 19 Street (Jade) just sold at a dollar per foot price that compares well to other resales in the building, but at a loss

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60 Beach Street gut loft project goes for gold, gets world record

I do not understand this. At. All.I am going to posit that pretty much all of the sales history of the recently sold “2,557 sq ft” Manhattan loft #4D at 60 Beach Street makes no sense:  sold by sponsor Dec

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ruthless stagers, indeed! NY Times nails story about marketing apartments (and lofts!)

to be bookmarked by 98% of sentient agentsHonestly, I would applaud the featured article in tomorrow’s Sunday Real Estate section in the New York Times, Ruthless Came the Stager, even if Elissa Gootman had not spelled my name right (or

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55 Great Jones Street loft with unobstructed views + potential sells for $1,016/ft

reading between the lines, and pixYou could just “[p]aint and move right in” to the “2,300 sq ft” Manhattan loft on the 4th floor at 55 Great Jones Street “or [you could] update with your own vision”, as the broker

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sometimes the bear gets you: 245 Seventh Avenue mini-loft sells 22% off from peak sale

Froth + Peak + Trough + Thaw need a 5th stepKnowing that the last time the “981 sq ft” Manhattan loft #4C at 245 Seventh Avenue was almost exactly at The Peak of the overall Manhattan residential real estate market,

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double bold-faced loft sale at 354 Broome Street: a harbinger or just a Bright Shiny Object?

getting tired of the Jedi mind trickThe recent sale of the Manhattan loft #3H at 354 Broome Street was a Bright Shiny Object for Jessica Gould Keil in the New York Post last week, in part because she was able

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diversion of a sunny west coast, liquid kind

hint: sparse blogging may resultThere’s a reason why my blogging schedule has been light the last few days, a situation that may continue well into this week. This opinion column from the Vancouver Sun (In praise of getting drunk on

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there are 2nd floor lofts with better views than this 208 Fifth Avenue loft, but not many

kIller views, unless the tour bus idlesOne of my longstanding (unrequited) Manhattan Loft Guy Note(s) to Self … has to do with second story lofts, and whether there is a discernible market discount for lofts that may be as low

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133 West 17 Street loft with open air + potential sells for $1,071/ft

the dog that did not barkSometimes a loft that does not sell tells you something as interesting about the market as a loft that does sell. For Exhibit A, I give you the "1,770 sq ft" Manhattan loft #5C at

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bromancing The Miller: squiggly chart explains (not quite) everything about Manhattan real estate trends

this is old, but so am IYou don’t have to be a long-time reader of manhattan Loft Guy to know I have a thing for The Appraiser Who Must Be Named, aka the appraiser who must be named The Miller

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