Month: April 2012

Flower District loft at 133 West 28 Street sells at small discount after 11 months, 2 firms, only a $5,000 drop

why did that first contract fail?It is impossible to know this kind of thing from the outside, but there is a reason that the “1,300 sq ft” Manhattan loft #6C at 133 West 28 Street took nearly a year to

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Sunday diversion / there are “rules” about foul balls, don'cha ya know

viral is as viral does, though starting in NY helpsMaybe it is the power of Yankee media, or maybe it is just that any trivial thing that happens involving the Yankees can’t be too trivial, but if you watched the

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what has changed at Cobblestone Lofts, 28 Laight Street, since 2005?

warning: no rational market aheadTo answer the headline question quickly (as if there were any mystery to it): nothing significant has changed  since 2005 about the new-in-2001 multi-building residential loft conversion known as 28 Laight Street, the Cobblestone Lofts. It

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truly “one of a kind” bathroom sells for $2.35mm, loft at 56 Warren Street comes with it

what’s the magic trick?Forgive me, but the question that lingers longest in my mind after seeing that the “2,200 sq ft” Manhattan loft #5E at 56 Warren Street just sold for $2.35mm, is how did they take that bathroom picture

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Los Angeles loft lover buys mini-loft at 720 Greenwich Street

lack of east coast windows is no biggieWould you trade a “1,486 sq ft” downtown loft in a former toy factory with great open city views for a “700 sq ft” West Village loft in a former printing factory with

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pushing slightly above the ask, as 140 Thompson Street loft sells on non-A.I.R. side of West Broadway Arches

well babbled: “this one is ready to go”Do you notice those lingering listings that have broker babble that has never been edited, such as “priced to sell!!!” or “won’t last!!!”? (The extra exclamation points are for emphasis, I suppose.) After

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offered with permission to dream, 5 East 16 Street photographer's loft sells at $862/ft, most likely

live-work, with very different living and working spacesThe large Manhattan loft on the 9th floor at 5 East 16 Street was marketed as a “photography studio plus 2 bedroom 2 bathroom home” in the marketing that lead up to its

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Chelsea Mercantile loft with few windows-per-foot sells without view at $1,040/ft (again!)

that courtyard is not a premium viewLong-time readers know how I feel about the Chelsea Mercantile building at 252 Seventh Avenue: the building that created the market for high-end residential lofts in this micro-nabe. (The 17 Manhattan Loft Guy posts

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Sunday diversion / back to baseball

but nothing perfectAnd not about the very imperfect game thrown yesterday by Freddy Garcia. (You’re welcome, RS Nation.) This is one of the well-done uses of baseball stats, with an obvious headline but interesting supporting data: Quit throwing strikes to

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interesting pricing gambit does not work as 214 West 17 Street loft sells at 14% discount, 22% from first ask

how does that “if at first you don’t succeed …” thing work?No diversion today, as I missed a weekday of substantive Manhattan loft blogging. (if you are disappointed, call 3-1-1.) One way to look at the recent sale of the

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