Month: April 2007

newly in contract at 22 W 26, 260 Fifth, + 57 Bond (even 735 E 9)

  My quintessential One Bed Wonder is finally in contract! (What is a One Bed Wonder) Unit 2B at 22 West 26th Street has had quite the marketing odyssey in the last 2 years, with three selling firms and a

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real 2,500 sq ft at 20 E 20

  The 4th fl at 20 E 20 St is new to the market today. Like this morning’s new loft listing (wondering about the 1 Bed Wonder at 543 Broadway – how much for how big?), it claims to be

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wondering about the 1 Bed Wonder at 543 Broadway

  The 2d fl at 543 Broadway is new to the market this week, claiming to be “sprawling 2,500 sq ft” of “sexiness, charm and luxury” for $2.275mm ($1,550/mo maintenance). I can’t speak to the sex or charm, but the

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drip campaigns / token price drops at 80 Warren and 66 Leonard

  how does a small price drop change the market? (Hint: not much)   I don’t know the specific history of 80 Warren St, but I know it is one of the first generation of Tribeca loft coop conversions (circa

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