theater group needs some FREE space short-term / anyone have some?


I got an interesting request from someone affiliated with a small non-profit theater company that needs donated space for a small site-specific production from April 20 to May 9. I will try to figure out if I know any suitable angel-with-space and will make inquiries within Corcoran, but I wonder if YOU might be able to help.

yes … YOU
The request came from a Manhattan Loft Guy reader who made appropriately brown-nosing comments about this blog and even promised to comment every day if I can help find space. (That last bit was over-kill, really, but she did say it.)

requirements + specifications

  • the group has insurance (they’ve done this before)
  • attendance could be up to 40 people, or as small at 15
  • cast of 3
  • they need exclusive access for rehearsal and performance times; otherwise could share space
  • types of spaces that might work:

apartment (loft style = "ideal")
hotel suite
retail (clothing) space
private club room
"church-like" space (but not a church)

the close…
If any of you knows of possibly suitable space (or has such space), send me an email and I will put you in touch with these folks to ask questions, confirm they are people you’d want in your space, etc. [Sandy AT Manhattan Loft Guy DOT com] Remember: they are looking for donated space.

Wouldn’t it be nice if a reader of MLG could help out another reader with a loft? Anyone planning a 3 week vacation soon?

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