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not every buyer should panic: that scary New York Times article is right, to a degree

at least, not every buyer should always panic If you are a buyer actively searching for a Manhattan coop or condo, chances are good that someone you know or love has already scared you with In A Seller’s Market, Every

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25 Murray Street loft slow walks through market, takes 7 months to deal at small discount

  inefficiency is maddening The “1,850 sq ft” Manhattan loft #6E at 25 Murray Street (Tribeca Space) recently sold for $2.145mm, at a tiny discount to last ask, less than a 5% discount to the prior ask, and less than

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downtown Manhattan loft market momentum in 4 colors

  a quick post for a busy day I just updated the Master List of Manhattan Lofts Sold Since November 2008 for the first time in a few weeks, getting up to date on deeds filed before March 24. You

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bromancing The Miller: squiggly chart explains (not quite) everything about Manhattan real estate trends

this is old, but so am IYou don’t have to be a long-time reader of manhattan Loft Guy to know I have a thing for The Appraiser Who Must Be Named, aka the appraiser who must be named The Miller

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another Miller nugget on Manhattan real estate absorption: trend is stronger than national

stop him before he puns againThe Miller’s latest data nugget about the absorption rate of Manhattan residential real estate listings compared to the national trends is on Curbed, in the Three Cents Worth series: Manhattan Absorbs The Turkey and (though

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Miller's nuggets on Manhattan absorption: coops + downtown stronger

meaningful? maybe not until there’s more dataThe Miller has a Matrix post today chewing over some of his “absorption” data, now that he has more than a year of absorption data. He is most interested today in the 2009 to

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loft with three mints at 130 Watts Street close off 5% from 2005

guessing at The PeakThe fact that the Manhattan loft #3N at 130 Watts Street sold on July 21 at 5% under where those sellers bought in October 2005 is (to me) interesting enough. That sequence lead me to ruminate about

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outsmart the market? or, write a dumb headline?

curmudgeon much??I got very confused reading the lead-front-page-above-the-fold NY Times article in today’s Real Estate section, Five Ways for Buyers to Outsmart the Market because — for some reason — I kept looking for ways that buyers could outsmart the

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first impression of First Quarter reports

what is wrong with that baseline?I do feel badly for the reporters who have to summarize the major firm quarterly reports of Manhattan real estate activity, such as Christine Haughney in today’s NY Times, Slight Rise in Manhattan Apartment Prices

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more counting wars / Manhattan coop + condo inventory

  some numbers(In which, Manhattan Loft Guy gets into the weeds — again — with numbers and takes StreetEasy to the woodshed.) Let’s beat that old horse of Different Firms, Different Numbers again … as a follow-up to my February

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