Month: March 2012

weekend diversion / Final Four edition

signs the apocalypse may be upon usAmong the bizarre elements of this AP story this week out of a kidney dialysis clinic in Kentucky: (a) that the pugilists were 68 and 71 years old; and (b) that the Associated Press

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minty 45 Walker Street loft sells under $1,000/ft with no discernible big loft premium

a Big Gulp indeedThere’s a lot to be distracted by about the “4,781 sq ft” Manhattan loft on the 3rd floor at 45 Walker Street in northeastern Tribeca (triple mint renovation in a classic Tribeca loft space, the scale of

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primitive loft at 474 Greenwich Street sells at $908/ft

no artists evident, but stillThe “1,100 sq ft” manhattan loft #5N at 474 Greenwich Street in the far northwest corner of Tribeca was billed as a “Classic TriBeCa Artist’s Loft”, which is true, even if there was no sign that

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One Bed Wonder loft at 129 West 20 Street sells modestly over $1,000/ft, despite custom finishes

don’t tell Ann SacksThe “1,626 sq ft” Manhattan loft #3A at 129 West 20 Street (the Chelsea Quarter) was all dressed up when it sold earlier this month, with (as the broker babbes) “beautiful features and lux finishes, handsome in

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ultimate Soho loft with glass walls, stone floor sells at 117 Prince Street at $1,240/ft

breaking the modifier bank It doesn’t get more classic Soho loft than the “2,500 sq ft” Manhattan loft #3C at 117 Prince Street: a classic Long-and-Narrow footprint with 2 bedrooms in back and plumbing on both long sides; “in a 19th century cast-iron front industrial

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124 Hudson Street loft finally sells, above nearby comp but below 2006

perhaps you have heard?To look at the most obviously relevant data on StreetEasy regarding the recent sale of the “3,217 sq ft” Manhattan loft #5C at 124 Hudson Street, you’d think the sellers did fairly well. After all, the clearing

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Sunday diversion: this week in kidney transplant media

been collecting a few of these disparate piecesNote to self: follow up to see how this story about a high school pitcher about to get a new kidney ends up. Kid has done a lot, 10-hour dialysis sessions and other

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longtime Seaport photographer/resident losing her Brooklyn Bridge views

doesn’t scream about itThere is a great deal to like about the New York Times CityRoom blog post this week about a longtime South Street area resident (Barbara Mensch) who is losing views that have been her muse, and a

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love it or hate it? glass master bath sells at 181 Hudson Street loft

one person’s wow might be another person’s ewwSometimes I wonder if I get attracted (or, distracted) by the same things in a listing that people who do not look at Manhattan lofts for a living notice. For the recent sale

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real estate sales made easy: 88 Prince Street loft sells because (some say) it is correctly located

stay classy, guyThe February 16 sale of the “3,000 sq ft” loft #7C at 88 Prince Street (the oh-so-handsome the Little Singer Building) made the news yesterday because it had once been rented for 8 months a few years ago

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