Month: August 2009

quote for the day / NYT The Hunt

  who is out of touch now?The Sunday Real Estate section of the New York Times regular feature by Joyce Cohen, The Hunt, today profiles a woman who seems to have spent much of the last 18 months looking for

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modesty rewarded, but 'how well?' remains the question

sometimes Manhattan Loft Guy gets it rightI posed a question on July 8 that was answered very quickly: will pricing 25% below 2007 hit The Market in a sweet spot?  The answer came in an update on StreetEasy the very

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one less funny person at The Porter House

… unless the buyer is a clown?I checked in at 66 Ninth Avenue (The Porter House) on August 16 (Porter House loft may be "beyond the beyond" but sells off a million, up 40% or down 25%) to tell a

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revisiting Trouble in Tribeca, while stopping in Soho

a promise, kept (rare!)When I hit the Manhattan loft #3S at 155 Franklin Street (the Sugar Loaf) as a June 2009 sale 16% off the 2006 clearing price (August 5, 155 Franklin Street crashes past 2006 to close up 28%

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did 525 Broome Street get value for the 2008 renovation?

paired sale shows apparent gain over 2008The major improvement to the Manhattan loft sales data I aggregated into a Google Docs spreadsheet and posted (as MLG #1,000 on August 23) (click here to access it in the cloud) is that

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three zeroes / flipping the odometer on a major Manhattan Loft Guy milestone

the rundown on the CountdownThat Countdown thing that has appeared on the last ten posts was pointed to the 1000th post since Manhattan Loft Guy launched three and a half years ago. O N E  T H O U S

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master list of Manhattan loft closings since November

this is The Big OneIt has been quite a while since I posted loft-closings-in-last-30-days, but I have not stopped keeping track of Manhattan residential lofts as they close. While there are many limitations in the data (discussed below), the collection

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risk, revisited / I am still a coward, but the 'brave' did not sell (yet)

checking back on the SpringI recently had a conversation with a former shareholder in one of the Manhattan loft buildings that I visited in my March 25 lengthy rumination, am I a coward? assessing + bearing risk in a risky

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64 Grand Street closes UP 12% since 2006

The Market has many facesOne of these days I will do a long post about how The (overall) Market is made up of individual transactions that vary widely from The (overall) Market trend. But not today. Today the news is

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strong pricing hint on lovely loft for sale at 360 West 36 Street

exception to the rule (he’s begging me)Most Manhattan Loft Guy readers understand why I haven’t commented on identifiable current listings for the past year and a half. I am going to make an exception for a loft (a) that I

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