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  my fantasy life is not thatrich Idon’t usually pay any attention to themarket for Manhattan lofts offered above $10 million, but today itcaught my eye that five of the six most expensiveManhattan properties that hit our inter-firm data base

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contracts (again) at 90 Prince + 258 Bway

  long, strange trip at 90 Prince? Unit 7A at 90 Prince Street is a peculiar loft (even in a Manhattan filled with ‘unique’ lofts) with a now-tortured history. I reported good news on his baby on July 11 in

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more BOM pain / 176 Broadway is back

  2 failed contracts, 1 recently failed deal = f-r-u-s-t-r-a-t-i-o-n #4D at 176 Broadway is another one that has been on and off the market due to ‘deals’ that have not happened (another one was yesterday’s bad luck? 241 W

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loft contracts galore this week / west side edition

  many Manhattan lofts came through the inter-firm data-base as In Contract in the last four days; here are some from the west side, all of which have been mentioned here before:   241 West 36 Street #6R took nearly

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back story to NY Post Just Sold at 256 W 10 St

  fast and furious sale This weekend’s Just Sold feature in the NY Post noted that Unit 3D at Hudson Mews, 256 West 10 Street, sold for $1.9mm off an asking price of $1.75mm after 21 weeks on the market.

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betwixt and between / new at 116 W 14 St

  calm in the center of it all? #7N at 116 West 14 Street is new this weekend, with the first showing next Sunday, July 29. With low monthly charges and taxes ($1,517/mo) for “2,000 sq ft” asking $2.3mm, the

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min to the (small) max / new at 8 W 13

  minimalist glory? Sometimes I find myself rooting for a loft listing for one reason or another.   #2F at 8 West 13 Street hit the web Sunday with such promise of being wonderful space (“museum quality”) that I can’t help

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bring MY architect

  loft comes with approved plans The 5th floor at 8 East 12 Street is new today — set up as 2 bedrooms + 2 baths in “2,300 sq ft”, it comes with architect’s plans to covert to a 3

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74 Fifth contract

  I featured 74 Fifth Avenue #4Bin an open house review 7 weeks ago, which started a dialogue with LoftLover, who had gone to that open house and bid (unsuccessfully). As s/he said just last night, the “area and building

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new contracts at 29 W 15, 129 W 22, 718 Broadway + 808 Broadway

Lofts that were changed to “In Contract” in the inter-firm data base as of today     29 West 15 Street #7 $2.25mm and $1,889/mo for “2,250 sq ft” Time to contract from first offering: 3 months     129

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