Month: May 2012

did it really take 3 contracts to sell top floor loft with private roof at 303 Mercer Street for 99.3% of ask?

I hate these fuzzy historiesThis much we know: the Manhattan loft triplex with roof terrace #A608 at 303 Mercer Street (in the oh-so-poetic Snug Cove [oops] Harbor 3-building coop) came to market on July 5, 2011 at $2.995mm and closed

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for Memorial Day, remember & learn before eating & drinking

reprise I & reprise III don’t think I can put it any better than I said it two years ago: Every American service member who has died in service is a tragedy for his or her family and for a

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TYATOMLG: 1999 + 2010 loft resales at 27 N. Moore Street & 71 Warren Street

playing with time and (outdoor) spaceInto The Wayback Machine, Sherman, as we go back to Manhattan Loft Guy two years ago today to catch up on (then) recent sales of two lofts that both previously sold way back in 1999.

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Petersfield penthouse loft sells with … er … very valuable private roof deck at 115 Fourth Avenue

living to riffOne of my favorite types of Manhattan Loft Guy posts involves looking at the impact of outdoor space on a given Manhattan loft sale; if I don’t always link to The Mother Post of that type (the may

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40 Mercer Street news: nothing says successful new development like a 7-figure gain since 2007

nothing to sneeze at hereIt is impressive that the “1,745 sq ft” Manhattan loft #21 on the 5th floor at 40 Mercer Street just sold at a gain of $800,000 over the 2007 sponsor sale, of course. How much more

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playing with 475 Broadway loft comp that is up +58% over 2004

right facts and wrong facts; helpful facts and distractionsI’ve been having a running conversation with a very savvy client about values in Soho, including market trajectory currently and in recorded history. He is wondering about a classic Soho loft that

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25 West 15 Street loft with unusual layout + funky colors closes at rough parity with downstairs loft

fresh nearby comps should be easier to applyI bet that the walls in the “1,800 sq ft” Manhattan loft coop on the 7th floor at 25 West 15 Street have been where they are for 20+ years. The floor plan

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Sunday diversion / good baseball numbers

use your power for good, not for evil (or boredom)Baseball stat geeks are sometimes boring, sometimes stupid as well as trivial (as in “Johnny Littlebat is hitting .350 in Tuesday day games, but at .180 he can’t buy a hit

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Chelsea House loft re-seller takes 51 weeks to get 7.5% discount, closing pennies below 2007 purchase

the birthday was a happy oneBy the time the sellers of the “1,250 sq ft” Manhattan loft #9F at 130 West 19 Street (Chelsea House) blew out one candle, the loft had been in contract for 5 days, so the

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Collect Pond loft at 366 Broadway sells at $918/ft after missing The Peak

going emo on a business transaction There’s a mild puzzle in the recent sale of the “1,872 sq ft” Manhattan loft #3B at 366 Broadway (Collect Pond House) at $1.72mm, as it sounds like a beautiful loft that went for

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