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The Black Loft finally sells at 213 West 23 Street, 1/3 off

Manhattan loft beauty, like many things, is in the eye of the beholder To say that the fully renovated layout and finishes of the “3,750 sq ft” Chelsea loft #6S at 213 West 23 Street is not in everyone’s taste is

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QOTD distinguishes “glamour” from “Utah”

he better stay out of Park City + SundanceThe Wall Street Journal featured a la-di–da Bridgewater home on the market for 8 figures by some (famous?) architect. Check the slide-show for details and pix of the 12,000 sq ft house

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45 Crosby races to contract above ask / could it be a million dollar renovation?

like a new word?Have you ever had the experience of learning a new word (one that had been totally unfamiliar to you) and then you notice that word repeatedly, in books, news articles, or even in personal conversations? Following yesterday’s

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was it feng shui that got 45 Crosby Street sold?

  or was it more asking fewer western dollars?(This is an extended episode, with many twists and turns; perhaps Manhattan Loft Guy needs an editor.) I can’t say I have seen that many Manhattan lofts marketed with feng shui given

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