Month: January 2013

prime Soho loft needs imagination, but only $1,091/ft to buy

3 exposures helpA numbers guy would just focus on the price at which the “2,200 sq ft” Manhattan loft on the 3rd floor at 345 West Broadway sold at year end, but an aesthete like this Manhattan Loft Guy is

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elevator does not go to top floor at 258 Broadway, penthouse loft sells anyway (eventually, eventually)

 how do you comp a one-flight-up penthouse?There are penthouses, and then there are penthouses. My understanding is that the term originally referred to a residential unit built on the roof, usually having direct (private) access to at least part of

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funny prices of 101 Warren Street resale are not so ha-ha

The Market will correct a too high priceAfter yesterday’s post about a too deep price discount being corrected by The Market, bless her heart (January 28, if robust, The Market will fix a too-low price (at least, it did, at

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if robust, The Market will fix a too-low price (at least, it did, at 124 West 24 Street)

follow the bouncing ballThe seller of the “1,097 sq ft” Manhattan loft #5A at 124 West 24 Street was motivated, and successful. He brought the 2007 era newly converted loft to market on August 23, found a buyer who signed

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another pictorial diversion is probably bigger than you can imagine

a Manhattan Loft Guy diverting trend continuesThis makes the fourth pictorial diversion in the new year on this blog. I started the year with a collection of very many very diverting photos of Manhattan lofts (January 1, some diverting loft

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another picture of the trough, as 92 Chambers Street loft sells up 37% over 2009

can’t explain the 2007, howeverI am going to try not to get too distracted by the new development sale in 2007 of the “1,353 sq ft” Manhattan loft on the 2nd floor at 92 Chambers Street, as I don’t know

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second floor loft empire at 66 Crosby Street increases at $946/ft

a curiously low price for a curiously configured spaceRemember that loft in the charming West Village that sold near $1,200/ft while needing a complete build-out? Of course you do: January 22, West Village loft that needs a total build-out sells

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was year-end loft sale at 101 Warren Street motivated by tax uncertainty?

the gain might make it worthwhile to have worried about tax uncertaintyMy rant about the Tax Uncertainty Meme that ran through the Manhattan Media Division of the Real Estate Industrial Complex (January 4, in which Manhattan Loft Guy bravely calls

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West Village loft that needs a total build-out sells at 59 Barrow Street for $1,190/ft

and renovation ain’t cheapAmong New York real estate broker babble conventions, to start a listing description “bring your imagination” or “bring your architect” or “create a dream loft” are both common and effective ways to manage expectations. The marketing campaign

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Sunday diversion is about love (birds, bees and young people) and staying out late

a matter of personal indulgenceThrough the miracle of the inter-tubes, and the confidence of the principals and the editors of the Old Grey Lady, we got home well after midnight to find that the wedding we had just come from

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