Month: October 2011

107 West 25 Street loft sells at $956/ft as old Flower District morphs into Chelsea

changing of the guardTwo things jumped out at me about the sale of the Manhattan loft #6D at 107 West 25 Street at $1.1mm on October 17: the first is how the geographic descriptions in the broker babble omit the

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Sunday diversion / Lady Liberty birthday edition

my country, ’tis of theeYou may have seen that this week marked the 125th anniversary of the dedication of the Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor. (Stuff on that is all over the inter-tubes, including here; that h/t goes

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weekend diversion / more Manhattan photos, 'round midnight

circuitous routesWe had so much fun with last week’s night time photos, let’s go to midnight, and beyond …. The inter-tubes being the wonder that it is, this photo collection by a New York Times photographer came to my attention

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57 Walker Street loft sells for 21% more than neighbor a year ago

overly restrained babble is pretty much unheard ofHave I mentioned lately that (yes) … comping is hard? When the “1,850 sq ft” Manhattan loft #4B at 57 Walker Street sold on October 12 at $2.04mm, that closing capped a successful

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tough times in mini-loft market? or just at 21 East 22 Street & 77 Bleecker Street

eerie parallelsOne of the fun things about the (typically) weekly updates I do to the Master List of Manhattan Lofts Sold Since November 2008 is the opportunity to notice coincidences, and (sometimes) the beginning of trends. This pair of Manhattan

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NY Mag goes there: do coop boards reject prices as 'too low'?

real sources, with real storiesI am tempted to try to find that Soho loft that leads the short S.Jhoanna Robledo October 23 piece in New  York Magazine that is making the rounds of the blogosphere and twitterverse (The Dealbreakers /

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under $900/ft for a loft at the other (first) Ice House, 354 Broome Street UPDATED

are developers like thieves?Yes! (But not in the sense you probably mean.) Having talked yesterday about the ++ pricing at 27 N. Moore Street (the Ice House) (October 24, turn of the century Tribeca at $1,600/ft, again at 27 N.

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turn of the century Tribeca at $1,600/ft, again at 27 N. Moore Street

turn of last centuryRanking Tribeca loft buildings can be as imprecise as figuring out which angels are seraphim, cherubim or archangels, but it is hard not to put 27 N. Moore Street (the Ice House) in the first rank of

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Sunday diversion / one man + camera + helicopter

staying away from baseball today (way up, up, up and away)How many times have you heard “New York as you’ve never seen it”? Maybe it is true in all cases; maybe not. Unless you are in the habit of hanging

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weekend diversion / baseball in the dark ages (1986!)

oh frabjous day!On this afternoon before the AL rep takes a 2-1 World Series lead, here is a fun post from a real baseball fan remembering A Big Baseball Day from 25 years ago. (My … how we have aged!)

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