Month: February 2012

bridge & river views not priceless at 170 John Street loft, flat with 2007

let’s not quibble, shall we?The “1,362 sq ft” duplex Manhattan loft #PH-C at 170 John Street (the Ships Chandlery) that just sold for $1.1mm last sold on June 8, 2007 for $1.115mm*. In round numbers, the two sales were even,

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old school loft at 60 Grand Street, dressed up without walls, did not sell at $1,224/ft

a late conversion (2007)I wish I knew the back story about this very late Soho condo conversion. Certainly not a lot was done to the interior space of the “2,150 sq ft” Manhattan loft #7 at 60 Grand Street that

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150 Nassau Street loft takes 4 tiny price drops + 8 months to get deal

is “important” a new category of renovations?On the one hand, I applaud an agent’s attempt to think outside the box (or, outside The Broker Babble Primer); on the other hand, I am not sure how I feel about “important renovations”.

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diversionary Sunday: Ryan Braun is NOT “innocent”

not yet, probably not everThere are no winners in the Ryan Braun arbitration. Major League Baseball used very strong language to defend its testing program, while Braun claimed that the arbitrator’s decision fully exonerated him. Braun will not be suspended,

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114 West 27 Street penthouse loft sells at $1,041/ft with unlimited potential (+ free roof?)

talk about missing The Peak!With the recent clearing price of the “3,600 sq ft” Manhattan loft dubbed #PH at 114 West 27 Street just clearing $1,000/ft at $3.75mm, there is a way to squint at the sale and the “2,500

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how did $25,000 price drop do the trick for loft at 263 Ninth Avenue?

my fickle mistressIf there is one thing that I hope that regular readers of Manhattan Loft Guy have gotten from their reading is that “The Market” captures macro trends while the market value of individual properties are determined by individual

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395 Broadway loft sells at $1,174/ft, a relative bargain to a gut job

is there a gut premium?The “1,163 sq ft*” Manhattan loft #11A at 395 Broadway just sold in mint-y condition at $1.365mm, or $1,174/ft, in the northeast corner of Tribeca. That compares very favorably to the last “A” line sale here,

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Soho gut job for $762/ft, as 81 Grand Street loft sells after 14 months, 5 price drops

did I mention that comping is hard?This one hurts. The “1,575 sq ft” Manhattan loft on the 3rd floor at 81 Grand Street sold on January 17 at $1.2mm, apparently in line with the sale of the 4th floor in

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150 Nassau Street loft sells for building record

becoming a Manhattan Loft Guy faveBy the tiniest of margins, the recent sale of the “1,793 sq ft” Manhattan loft #13C at 150 Nassau Street set a new high on a dollar-per-foot basis for this handsome building. It is a

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Diversion: was gonna do baseball, but this is better

  30 lives saved, beginning with one selfless actYes, it is the beginning of spring training, but I will skip that this weekend. Today’s big above-the-fold front page story in the New York Times deserves a read. Truly. For more

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