Month: April 2010

efficient use of space, to nth degree

not a loft, not in Manhattan, but…This is one of the most amazing videos I have seen about using a small space. No matter how much space you have, at some point you probably wonder if your space can be

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memo to NY Times: that's a “loft”, not an “apartment”

and not in East VillageCheck out the slide-show associated with the article in today’s NY Times, An East Village Apartment, Sleek and Childproof. Does that look like a "loft" or an "apartment" to you? Yeah, me too: that’s a loft.

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48 Bond Street closes up 400% since 2008, but …

… it does not countI was amused by a four-fold increase in value when I reported on April 16 about a Tribeca loft March 2010 resale (139 Reade St closes up 400%), but that one had last sold in 1994.

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leaving Manhattan for the Vortex of DUMBO lofts, per The Miller

  blogger jealousy is ugly (I must resist)There is an amazing post on The Miller’s blog last Friday that is a departure from his usual fare in two ways: it is an anonymous contribution; and it is a very, very

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Sunday diversion / Mr. Silver doubles down on nutrition

a healthy dose of fact-checking + analysisAnyone who read my April 13 post, Mr. Silver does NY real estate / NY Magazine basks in the glow, knows that I am a big Nate Silver fan. His metier is politics, of

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bank error in your favor, collect $200 [$17,000] / the new Good Faith Estimate for mortgages

one happy surprise at closing (for buyer)Let’s go into the weeds a bit, into the minutia of mortgage lending, a trip occasioned by a note I received from a Manhattan mortgage broker about a client whose lender had to pay

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95 Greene Street goes to war, closes up 8%

  prone to reasonable pricingIt looks as thought there was a bidding war when the Manhattan loft #3F at 95 Greene Street sold on April 15 at $1.9mm, since the asking price had been $1.875mm. The loft is said to

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Shia LaBeouf doesn't really live at 31 West 21 Street

soon to be famous Manhattan loft?Fun piece for Manhattan loft lovers in today’s NY Times: Where a Greedy Wall Street Villain Would Feel Right at Home, in which Christine Haughney visits a pretty darn spectacular loft that is featured in

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then what? 34 Leonard new Manhattan loft development to be auctioned

wanna buy a building?Back when I was marketing a Tribeca loft that never sold (sellers were firm about what they wanted; The Market was firm that it was not available), I used to watch the construction of 34 Leonard Street

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Saturday diversion / QOTD

block that (blockbuster) metaphor!Today’s Quote of the Day references Titanic, cliches, and the Kansas City Royals, and continues a Spring frenzy of baseball-related posts: You know, it’s really a shame that James Cameron made that little movie about the big

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