Month: August 2010

pricing right to (yes!) sell quickly at 55 Liberty Street

how tall is that eye candy in the window?When I was playing around yesterday in Tribeca, at the "intersection" of West Broadway at N. Moore and White Streets, Tribeca’s crowded townhouse corner: West Broadway at N. Moore + White, I

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Tribeca's crowded townhouse corner: West Broadway at N. Moore + White

the only one in Tribeca?The news come from the Tribeca Tribune this morning, via Curbed, that the long-delayed project at the corner of West Broadway at the beginning of N. Moore Street is in an "active" phase again. When (if?)

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save our flip tax! are coop flip taxes in danger from Fannie Mae?

odd ducks make for odd rulesInteresting catch by The Miller on his blog on Thursday, [Fannie Mae] Proposed FNMA Rule Change Could Damage Co-op Prices. I had been vaguely aware from national real estate sources that there has been some

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another developer haircut as 52 Thomas Street penthouse loft closes off 29% from original ask

"a little off the top, please" … and sides … and …The Manhattan new development loft Penthouse A at 52 Thomas Street was featured in yesterday’s Just Sold section of the New York Post’s real estate section: TRIBECA $1,850,000 52

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jaw-dropping renovation of a Manhattan loft

so nice, I gotta post twice (today)I simply could not resist the temptation offered by today’s Curbed post, The Future is Now at Transformed Greenwich Village Loft, to probe, to ponder, to track, and … to drool over the photos.

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loft market at 476 Broadway is pretty F'in efficient

you know I mean the "F" line market, right?Regular readers of Manhattan Loft Guy know that I often beat the drum about The Market being not very efficient, at least as far as individual loft sales provide data points. One

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is this 66 Leonard Street guy the savviest loft seller ever??

big premium, no marketingI am scratching my head over the August 12 sale of Manhattan loft #12A at 66 Leonard Street (Textile Building) for $3.45mm. For one thing, the loft has been officially off the market for a year (i.e.,

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can a “loft” in Manhattan change your way of thinking?

or, just provoke a gentrification rant?I missed this last Thursday (I was on vacation), but there is a fascinating web-only New York Times piece in the Living Rooms section of the Opinionator blog, Our Buildings, Ourselves by Elizabeth Hawes. It

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ka-ching! ka-ching! as uptown widow moves to 7 Hubert Street loft

change in lifestyleI had to guess that "Time Warner conglomerator Steve Ross" lived uptown, although in the brief Page Six mention about his widow moving to Tribeca there’s nothing about where she moved from. For Manhattan Loft Guy purposes, this

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415 Greenwich Street loft closes up 1% from original price (2005), 22% off 2008 ask

was there a Peter Principle for new developments heading into The Peak?As with many new development lofts marketed in pre-construction and pre-Peak days, the Manhattan loft #6F at 415 Greenwich Street, Tribeca Summit, has a complicated listing history, with many

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