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2013 buyer of damaged Tribeca loft gains $500,000 by demolishing it

nobody sets out to do this (right?) Granted, outsiders to Manhattan loft sales never know why sellers or buyers do the things they do, but I will bet you a quarter the woman who just sold the “2,973 sq ft”

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what is “original” about Tribeca loft that went for $1,438/ft at 109 Reade Street?

(mis) adventures in Manhattan loft babbling Sometimes I suspect that I take this stuff too seriously. When I read the broker babble for the “1,321 sq ft” Manhattan loft on the 4th floor at 109 Reade Street I expected to

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for variety, 123 Baxter Street loft sells down 5% over 2008

not all Manhattan lofts are from Lake Wobegon Just as the mirror has two sides, the loft niche in the residential real estate market in Manhattan has many sides. Some are above-average, and those sales that outperform The Market and/or

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Tribeca and Soho top the rankings in median price by neighborhood, of course

top line numbers are so … top lineThe graph associated with this Property Shark report about median prices for coops, condos and 1- or 2-family homes by New York City neighborhood, with 2012 v. 2011 and 2012 v. 2008 data,

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confusing loft at 133 West 14 Street sells 5 years to the day, up 24%

follow the bouncing ball, into the weedsIf there were a real Multiple Listing Service in Manhattan, it would be easy to figure out what happened to the “1,600 sq ft” Manhattan loft that sold a little while ago. With that

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Real Deal does recent paired sales from 2005-08

veddy interesting … but few detailsNo surprise that Manhattan Loft Guy is not the only guy interested in Manhattan real estate recent paired sales. My dump of 27 Manhattan lofts that sold since November 1 and that previously sold in

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inventory numbers: different firms, different issues

  why can’t we all just get along?Back to real estate here, as I see that five of the last 13 posts have been of the Caution: no real estate content variety, but these things run in cycles…. I got

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(actual) recent Manhattan loft sale at 115 Fourth Avenue reported in NY Post

unlike the Times … … the NY Post’s weekly feature Just Sold does claim to be about "recent" Manhattan sales, and the report from June 12 includes a loft at The Petersfield, 115 Fourth Avenue, that closed with a deed

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(not very) recent NY Times Residential Sales / 22 Mercer Street loft sold in February

silly meI just checked the fine print in this past Sunday’s NY Times feature Residential Sales Around the Region and was surprised not to see the word "recent" modifying "sales" anywhere on the page. I have just been assuming that

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  if you drop the price and no one is there, does it count? The 2d fl at 42 E 12 St is a long-and-narrow full floor condo loft (90×25 ft, roughly; Property Shark shows sizes as 1,760 sq ft)

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