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wish me (& my kidney) a happy anniversary, please

it’s the polite thing to do Five years ago right about now, two families in varying states of anxiety hung out up at Columbia Presbyterian, with one member of each being prepped for surgery. A few too many hours later,

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a diversion worth a super day?

back in the saddle again, if briefly I held off blogging this piece from last week’s New York Times Sunday Magazine, as it is ever more timely today. The provocative headline, Is It Immoral To Watch the Super Bowl?, provokes,

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a seasonal no-lofts diversion is not about that (this) season

but it does involve the shortest day of the year Let others divert with visions of sugar plums, etc, today is the shortest day of the year, which means it is the darkest day of the year, which means that

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no-lofts diversion is in keeping with the season (almost) (not really)

the snow will sat only until the rain comes Of course it is a lovely New York City day, with snow falling softly. But it should be gone by morning, after overnight rain. Which brings to mind the greetings of

a holiday no-Manhattan-lofts diversion is about being thankful to be alive on earth

from one who knows (about earth, not Manhattan lofts) Perhaps I am selling retired Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield short in supposing that he doesn’t know anything about Manhattan lofts (he is, after all, An Amazing Fellow), but he is most

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no Manhattan lofts, but a diversion: a song that changed America

for people of a certain age, another anniversary Before we get to a truly tragic 50th anniversary on Friday, there’s a musical one from 1963 that tracks only as “late November”. I can’t relate (at all!) to the musical commentary

no-Manhattan-lofts diversion is back to football, violently

the hits just keep on coming Does anyone else feel it? Perhaps because I am sensitized to these articles, I am seeing dribs and drabs of media reports and commentaries that are dribbier and drabbier than what has come before.

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diversion about the guy on the subway who won the internet by letting another guy sleep

did you see this yet? Chances are, you saw something on the inter-tubes about the older guy in the yarmulke on the Q train who let a younger black guy in a hoodie stay asleep on his shoulder. After all,

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diversion is about America’s greatest game

(and some lovely writing) I’d never heard of Jordan Ellenberg (a professor of mathematics at the University of Wisconsin) before reading a lovely little piece he wrote on Slate, but I will try to pay enough attention hereafter you be aware

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Sunday diversion captures church photography in a new way

the Slate title says it all “Capturing a Stunning Church from Entrance to Altar, in One Image” does just that, with a couple of examples from Manhattan.

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