Month: June 2013

what do hang-gliding, beer pong, working out, tech tutorials or walking the dog have to do with Manhattan real estate?

not much (d’oh!)I was going to leave this The Appraisal piece from Liz Harris in Thursday’s New York Times (Agent to Client: Here’s the Apartment; Now Let’s Go Hang Gliding) alone, honest. But then I was reading the Times Sunday

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a large diversion: 9 million people in the naked city by 2030, or 2040

not new news, but hasn’t happened, yetThis news about projected population growth for New York City made the news across the inter-toobz a few weeks ago, with a Columbia University study differing with the City’s projected population numbers as to

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129 West 22 Street loft seller rewarded by 24% in 26 months for not renovating

a paired resale analysisEvery “arm’s length” sale is a snapshot of the agreement that a buyer and a seller made about the value of a property at a particular point in time. Econ 101, right? And a pair of such

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103 Greene Street penthouse loft takes a (near) million dollar hit to sell below 2008

not everything is flyingThey had a little trouble selling the “2,474 sq ft” penthouse Manhattan loft #7A at 103 Greene Street in prime Soho back in the day, as the near-Peak campaign took 4 months and a big price drop

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a forgotten OYAToMLG about agent doubletalk

had this lined up for June 23, but [something, something, something]This was a perfect post for this past Sunday, but with a succession of open house visits and some social business (actual social business, face-to-face fashion; not social media business)

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scary sale of small loft at 19 Hubert Street

where the rubber meets the road, buyers can get hurtThe recent sale of the “1,100 sq ft” Manhattan loft on the 4th floor of 19 Hubert Street is the canary in the coal mine only for Tribeca small loft buyers

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diversion: not in “New York City” any longer

looking back at what you can no longer seeThis one hit the inter-toobz a while ago, but the subject matter lends itself to a look-back whenever …. I saw it in a link from The Real Deal, but it was

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bidding war for 35 Vestry Street loft ends up only 5%

for brick lovers onlyThere is a staggering amount of brick in the front room of the “1,561 sq ft” Manhattan loft on the 5th floor at 35 Vestry Street in northwest Tribeca that just zoomed through the market, and by

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unsold 3 times at $1.795mm, 4 West 21 Street loft finally sells at $1.915mm

  hard for StreetEasy to follow the bouncing ball Different day, same (similar) story as yesterday. The folks who just sold the “1,518 sq ft” Manhattan loft #3D at 4 West 21 Street in Flatiron for $1.915mm made sporadic efforts

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unsold at $3mm in 2011, 110 West 25 Street loft goes to war to sell at $3.45mm

times have changed, got it?Next time someone asks you precisely how The Market has changed, tell them that the hyper-local market at 110 West 25 Street is up more than 15% since 2011, and probably a similar premium over 2012.

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