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original owner finally sells 255 Hudson Street loft, plays nicely with StreetEasy Index

4 events in the life of a Soho loft, 2 non-sales, 2 are sales The “1,174 sq ft” Manhattan loft #5E at 255 Hudson Street at the bottom of Soho has been around for less than 8 years, but it

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“efficient market” loses out to actual seller and actual buyer of 76 Madison Avenue loft

market extrapolation can be hard, but this loft sale comp is a non-sale of same loft Stop me if you’ve heard this before: an “index” is a proxy for The Market, just as a market report is a summary of

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90 Franklin Street loft beats upstairs neighbor by 22% only 14 months later

I didn’t know wenge was that valuable in a Manhattan loft I can see two principal differences between the last two south-facing units that sold in Franklin Tower across the border from prime Tribeca: the “2,633 sq ft” loft #7S

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memory lane: Field of Dreams pricing sells 130 West 17 Street penthouse loft at huge premium

  Five Years Ago Today on Manhattan Loft Guy You were warned in my July 4 post that you had a couple of weeks of archived Manhattan Loft Guy material coming up; almost up. In my July 15, 2008, 130

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when a condo board sues a developer, must resales die?

the cat may already have left the bagThe Christine Haughney Appraisal story in today’s New York Times touches (again) on the consequences to owners who would like to sell when there is a dispute about the condition of the building.

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bloody competition at one Manhattan loft building

tight smiles in the elevator?It has been a while since i have posted about active listings (even without identifying them). I suspect that it would be less than interesting to read many Manhattan Loft Guy posts that said, in essence,

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real estate market psychology: about seller refusal to take a loss

just ‘cuz “everyone knows” doesn’t mean it is not trueYes, it is no great revelation to state as fact that apartment or loft sellers in Manhattan (and elsewhere) are reluctant to sell (even when “on the market”) if they can

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negotiation science / The Anchoring Effect

indeed, "we" are not so smartInteresting post from an interesting blog that I have been mulling over this past week, as it had great personal relevance this week (story below) and has a real estate nexus. The post is Anchoring

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Times article disconnect / why developers should build schools UPDATED

is it about the links?Yesterday’s NY Times article by Christine Haughney in The Appraisal feature, Parents’ Real Estate Strategy: Schools Come First, got a lot of attention in the blogosphere, and probably in the real world, also (of course, the

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today's Manhattan loft poster child: the audacity of hope

only my copy identifies this childYou know that I can’t identify this relatively "new" listing, but it is another poster child for me. Yesterday I identified a newly developed Manhattan loft building as my poster child for valuing a view

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