Month: June 2011

52 Thomas Street loft knocks resale out of the park, up 17% since 2008

sometimes The Market mystifies…I keep staring at the the record of the recent sale of the Manhattan loft #3A at 52 Thomas Street, without achieving clarity. That facts are simple but inexplicable: the first resale in this 2007 new development

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thinking better of the price increase, 34 Laight Street loft sells

odd way to signal negotiabilityThe Manhattan loft on the 2nd floor of 34 Laight Street has a listing history you don’t see every day: to market at $1.895mm on November 5, price increase to $2.1mm on January 7, contract by

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throwing a coop board interview can come with a high price

the Barbara Corcoran experienceThere is a fascinating AP interview with Barbara Corcoran on-line yesterday, which The Real Deal excerpts (badly) this morning. TRD picks out some nuggets, which started me in a different direction this morning in thinking about a

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542 LaGuardia Place sale from February is news to New York Times readers

putting the lame in the LSMWe’ve been here before: I still assume there are people who still spend some quality weekend time poring over the Sunday New York Times real estate feature Residential Sales Around The Region to see what’s

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would you pay $675/ft for this loft at 36 West 22 Street?

no one else wouldStreetEasy is sparse on the details of the listing history of the Manhattan loft on the 2nd floor at 36 West 22 Street, but the essential facts are simple: “1,508 sq ft” with “many original details such

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Quote Of The Day / wisdom edition

with video! "I believe a person can be wiser today than yesterday." Hard to argue with that, right? As it is hard to argue with the conservative, attorney, Roman Catholic, first-term state senator from Buffalo and environs who could not

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did the unique buyer get played in 90 Franklin Street loft sale?

unless it was the drop dead viewsWhen the “1,895 sq ft” Manhattan loft #10N at 90 Franklin Street came to market on September 13 for $2.6mm that asking price of $1,372/ft could have been considered rather … errr … aggressive,

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is publicity hurting 95 Greene Street resales?

[UPDATE – I changed the title and first sub-head just after posting, when I realized my main point was a different one … the perils of blogging!] [a substantive update from June 27 below] even as #4A closes up 13%

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why did 107 West 25 Street loft take so long to sell?

so close to original ask, above last askI got on the horse yesterday about the form of Market Curios that take a long time to sell at not such a different price at which they had long been available (424

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424 Broome Street loft takes 15 months to sell at 9% discount; why so long?

in which I simply just gaze in wonderAvid consumer of Manhattan loft closing data that I am (the Master List of Manhattan Lofts Sold Since November 2008 now has almost 2,000 transactions), sometimes I don’t know what it is about

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