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babbling in the Real Estate Industrial Complex / NY Magazine edition

  does EVERYONE want to live in the Village?I probably take boozy (and woozy) press coverage about the Manhattan real estate market more seriously than most people (I hope so, for their sake), but this bit of drivel from a

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revisiting those embarrassing agents and their hot deal

  it did sell, off another 20%About a year ago I hit (in this case, really hit) agents who puffed, prognosticated, provoked and perplexed me and buyer clients of mine who had the misfortune of visiting these folks at an

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more on agents behaving badly (or is that moron agents behaving as expected?)

paging Claude RainsI just updated my ever-so-popular February 23 post, What’s Wrong With These People? agents who speak out of their … to reflect that the Manhattan loft in question has not sold (or entered into contract), but that the

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what's wrong with these people? agents who speak out of their …

Manhattan Loft Guy truculence unleashed: cautionI toured some Manhattan loft open houses yesterday with buyers, and saw some interesting lofts. The "highlight" of the tour was a visit to a loft with a terrific skeleton — clearly a total gut renovation

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