Month: July 2010

divorce + dollars / 111 Hudson Street loft sale is painful on several levels

got coffee?I had some buyers who were almost-but-not-quite-interested in the renovation project that is the Manhattan loft on the 5th floor at 111 Hudson Street, so I was intrigued enough when it sold on June 28 to track back a

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454 West 46 Street loft sold after MUCH longer campaign than in the NY Post

muchI assume that anyone who finds the way to Manhattan Loft Guy knows not to trust "recent sales" information in dead tree media without verifying it. Today’s warning is sponsored by the Just Sold feature in today’s NY Post. When

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79 Laight Street loft also being auctioned today (UPDATED)

same celebrity, same mortgageI noted yesterday that Damon Dash’s loft at 25 N. Moore Street (The Atalanta) had been foreclosed on and was set for auction today (July 27, foreclosure auction tomorrow for 25 N. Moore Street celebrity loft). There

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foreclosure auction tomorrow for 25 N. Moore Street celebrity loft (UPDATED w result)

got bucks?Not my metier, but I suppose that everyone who pays attention to the hip-hop world has been aware that Damon Dash has been in severe financial difficulties for a few years. (See this overview from The Atlanta Post March

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1200 Broadway loft closes near 2009 ask

timing is (not quite) everythingThis story doesn’t get old (at least, not yet): a well-priced Manhattan loft sells after going into contract within a short time, at or near a price that failed in 2009. Today’s’ example is #5G at

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55 Thompson Street is not a nondo, is the luxe-est rental in Soho

back on Broome StreetLet’s move one block east from yesterday’s post, some lofts still get hammered, as 554 Broome Street sale shows, to visit the corner of Broome and Thompson Streets, which was to have been a new condominium but

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some lofts still get hammered, as 554 Broome Street sale shows

on the other hand …With all the talk on Manhattan Loft Guy (and elsewhere) about the 2010 market being a more active and deeper market than 2009 (for example, my July 7 post, 12 examples of the (rapid) velocity of

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22 West 26 Street loft sells quickly above 2010 ask, above 2009 ask

if at first you don’t succeed …The July 6 sale of the Manhattan loft #3C at 22 West 26 Street illustrates a few things: a well-priced loft sells quickly in this market; a loft can sell in 2010 at a

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how odd is this loft sale at 107 West 25 Street?

the arm might be a little shortI went back and forth about it, but decided to add the July 7 sale of the Manhattan loft #6C at 107 West 25 Street to the Master List of Manhattan Lofts Sold Since

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more developer haircuts, as 415 Greenwich lofts cut to close

big discounts, little discountsThe Manhattan lofts (and townhouses) at Tribeca Summit, 415 Greenwich Street, have had a … errrr … difficult time selling out. The project started marketing in 2006, with the first closed sales in this 66-unit development in

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