Month: September 2010

huge premium for condition, light + views for this 20-26 N. Moore Street loft

what a difference a day makes (+ light + views + renovation)Let’s stay near the corner of N. Moore and Varick Streets, just above my favorite Tribeca bar, Walkers. Yesterday we stopped on the 5th floor of the western half

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20-26 N. Moore Street loft sells quickly if you don’t count 2008 and 2009

what do you get?The Manhattan loft #5W in the twin building coop 20-26 N. Moore Street finally sold on July 28, after coming back to market on February 6 and finding a contract by April 22. Why “finally sold” if

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back into the Soho time machine, to Spring Street lofts circa 1972

The History Channel, againWe seem to be in the history cycle on Manhattan Loft Guy, and there is no telling when it will end. Today’s installment wanders back to 1972 Soho, when a few pioneers got together to buy a

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the Lower West Side before “Tribeca”

great site, great pixIf you have not been to Kevin Walsh’s website Forgotten New York, you owe it to yourself to click around there. I came across it (again) in the course of trolling the inter-tubes for some depth and

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extra BR + extra bath cost exactly $475,000 at 270 Broadway loft

I hope everyone was polite at the closingWhat do you do when you grow out of your loft? For most people who can’t make to do with … say … 2 bedrooms and 2.5 baths (such as … say …

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time travel? a first person account of Early Loft Days in New York

parallels between 1970s Soho and 2010 BushwickThere is a fascinating first person account of someone who looks forward (kinda, sorta, perhaps) to being under the new loft law on a Brooklyn blog that Brownstoner linked to yesterday. In broad outline,

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Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle for Manhattan Loft Neighborhoods / Tribeca loses Bazzini, gains Sarabeth’s

old to new, again (and again)The New York Observer noted yesterday that the long-awaited lease for Sarabeth’s has been signed, signaling the end of the Bazzini presence in Tribeca. If the story sounds familiar, that’s because the family that owns

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yet another Steinbrenner abomination

I knew him but never met himLong-time Manhattan Loft Guy readers will not be surprised to know that I am a big baseball fan*, given the number of occasional baseball-themed discursions over the years. I was going to write something

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same floor lofts sell at 46 Mercer Street, in same condition but at different prices

East meets West, West winsThe Residential Sales Around The Region feature in yesterday’s New York Times featured one Manhattan loft, 46 Mercer Street (also known as 473 Broadway, aka the Hohner Building), at $3.01mm after 17 weeks on the market.

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thieving coop and condo property manager pleads guilty

we were speaking of crooks…A soon-to-be-former-NYS-senator was the foil for Friday’s post about a cynical lack of morality within the Manhattan real estate industrial complex (September 17, the (low) morals of the Real Estate Industrial Complex, politics division); today I

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