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having it all in Tribeca for relatively little, as 405 Greenwich Street condo loft goes for $1,173/ft

50 weeks is a long time in the current Manhattan residential real estate market This number ($2.585mm) does not match these words (“newly renovated …. loft has it all”) about the recently sold “2,204 sq ft” Manhattan condo loft on

same-loft resales are data points in The Market, not The Market itself (as at 208 Fifth Avenue)

granular data and the big picture I’ve been thinking about the quality of data, and about what data mean, in the Manhattan residential real estate market after my post about the StreetEasy Condo Index (October 5, in praise of StreetEasy,

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TYAToMLG talking about the huge premium that some people will pay for a view, in this case of Madison Square

hitting it out of the ballparkAs on Monday (March 18, OYAToMLG talking about post-Peak and square floor plans at 161 Hudson Street) this will be a relatively short post based on the Manhattan Loft Guy archives, due to the conflicts

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how to value light without also valuing views? The Miller gives it a shot, NY Magazine gives it a forum

another riffing opportunity is born In the reality-based Manhattan residential real estate world inhabited by The Miller, questions such as “how do you value the difference in light between different units, without considering differences based on view?” have at least

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banging the View Diligence drum (again), for Glass Farmhouse loft views from 448 West 37 Street

once more into the breachDo you see the light gray band that stretches from 37th Street to 36th Street in the middle of the block between 9th and 10th Avenues on this building map from locating that terrific Manhattan loft

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about the views from that LaGuardia Place loft that zoomed through the market…

watch out for the Purple People EatersI commented on the open eastern views when I hit the Manhattan loft at 542 LaGuardia Place that took 10 days to fins a contract and 7 weeks to close (March 15, 542 LaGuardia

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OYAToMLG / two million dollar Manhattan loft views edition

One Year Ago Today on Manhattan Loft Guy, more views, much moneyAbout a Madison Square view that really really really seems to have been provably worth a great deal of money: a $2 million view on Madison Square? comping at

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a $2 million view on Madison Square? comping at 15 East 26 Street

how much would you pay?[UPDATE 2.4.11: I looked at this post again for purposes of another ‘view’ post and was embarrassed to see that I never spell-checked this. What a mess! I have made the many corrections (26!!), this time

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how close is that hotel in the window? Light, lost; lowers lucre

  More change + less light in Flower District loft = less value I’ve had my internet eye on a West 28th Street loft for a buyer customer and had a chance to see it at an open house today.

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Chuck Close lighting unresolved

  That fascinating issue about whether a developer would get a variance to block the light of Noho artists’ studios (including that of Chuck Close) will continue for another month, and may be heading towards a negotiated resolution. I blogged

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