Month: October 2006

will Zinc sink the nabe? / trembles & tribulations reported in Tribeca Trib

  Pile driving driving cracks up walls, then neighbors The Tribeca Trib carries the news about early construction work at the Zinc Building in the northern reaches of Tribeca (475 Greenwich St, between Canal and Watts). Developer Fabian Friedland, a

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  Nice post on Jonathan Miller’s other blog, Soapbox (on appraisals) about the temptation to predict the future: we all have it, you all want it.   I try to tell people all the time that the best I can

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Curbed means never having to say you're sorry is at the top of the New York City blogosphere. Among its strengths is that it goes all over the place in content and breadth. And it certainly is an … ummm … unfiltered medium, as the occasional

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where the (wild?) things are / the distribution of the

  Gothamist created a lovely map from 2000 census data reflecting the residence of people who claim to be in the arts, design, entertainment and sports businesses (sports?), which make up what urban theorist Richard Florida describes as the “creative

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Manhattan as

  I post lasted week about “economic rent” and how “the fundamentals” must be different in Manhattan compared to most places in America, my theory being that coop and condo prices in Manhattan are driven more by demand-side issues than

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on average, up, way up and down doesn

  The Miller Samuel quarterly report that just came out about coop and condo sales in Manhattan shows how volatile key numbers can be with such a small sample as the subset of Manhattan LOFT sales in any three-month period. Applying

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Days and Confused / comparing coop and condo Days on Market

  Parsing the most recent Miller Samuel report for the Manhattan coop and condo apartment market, one comparison caught my eye as unusual.   In Q3 06, the average Days on Market for coop apartments was 145; for condos, 155.

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loft market trended with overall market in Q3 06 / Miller Samuel finally stands up

Appraiser Jonathan Miller cops to being the reason his Q3 Manhattan Market Overview has been so long delayed in release, but at least it is now out. The short story for Manhattan lofts is that (1) the loft market behaved

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Manhattan apartment prices / more like Tom Cruise than a truck

“economic rent” explained (it is not what you think) UC Berkeley prof Hal Varian is an occasional contributor (I think) to the Economic Scene column in the NY Times business section; today’s column is provocatively entitled “Why Old Media and

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do loft owners have cars? / beating parking tickets

  Coincidence? You decide Two pieces by very different media came across my desk today, with no reference to each other. Is October the unofficial New York City Parking Ticket Month?   The Manhattan Users Guide lead article today talks

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