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of course the Tribeca loft at 363 Greenwich Street did not double in value since 2004

nice return anyway, in Manhattan residential real estate terms at least Nope, you can’t say that the recent owners of the “2,010 sq ft” Manhattan loft #2B at 363 Greenwich Street doubled their money when they just sold at $2.995mm

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hyper-local (6th floor) Tribeca loft market at 44 Laight Street up 17% in 17 months

not much of an outlier from overall Manhattan residential real estate market, however An index is one thing, but real (individual) data points are another. It should no longer be headline news that a particular downtown Manhattan loft resells in

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95 Franklin Street loft sells with new space (not just newly renovated space)

  the mezz makes the man, er, loft One of the hoary things you hear Manhattan real estate boosters say is that real estate here is so valuable because “it’s an island, they are not making more of it”. Of

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penthouse loft at 363 Greenwich finally sells, only 29% above 2004

  The Market contains a multitude of data points One of the nice things about being with one of the largest residential real estate brokerages in Manhattan is that our listing system has some very rich past sales data about

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this very Winka-tect designed 497 Greenwich Street loft was all over the inter-tubes

so I had to track it downI don’t know why it came up like dandelions, but I saw a bunch of tweets last week about an Archi-tectonics designed loft in Soho, with links from many, many design websites, including this

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“bring your vision” loft at 111 Fourth Avenue sells +15% over 2004, nonetheless

or was it already the place “you’ve been waiting for”?It is probably a fool’s game to try to make too much sense of too much broker babble. But my edition of The Babble Primer would reserve a statement like “the

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did neighbor overpay for 381 Broome Street mini-loft due to light, or was it extortion?

Manhattan Loft Guy worries, so you don’t have toThe “653 sq ft” (very) mini-loft #6F at 381 Broome Street just sold for $850,000 in a private sale, yet the last resale in the building was #2F (with the identical floor

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55 Liberty Street loft sells at $785/ft, up (only) 8% since 2004

an acquired taste, acquired slowlyI get it that the downtown-est part of downtown Manhattan is not a hot hot hot area for residential sales (lofts or otherwise), but the Greater FiDi has seen a lot of new condo and rentals

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efficient market for “A” lofts at 130 West 30 Street

a shower with views!I don’t know that I have ever seen a Manhattan loft marketed before emphasizing shower views, so the campaign for the “1,394 sq ft” loft #14A at 130 West 30 Street (the Cass Gilbert) (“en-suite marble bath

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loft lab at 161 Hudson Street, as loft takes 5 months to make a quick sale

up 43% since 2004Yesterday was pricing at 2004 (January 10, 150 Nassau Street mini-loft sells at about 2004 pricing); today is about the sale of the “2,117 sq ft” Manhattan loft #3C at 161 Hudson Street at $2,323,150, which (among

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