Month: April 2011

99 Reade Street and the value of low-ceilinged lofts in Manhattan

in which the power of social media is revealedOne of the Manhattan Loft Guy secrets I have been keeping (more out of sloth than avarice) is that I have joined the ranks of tweaters. Of course you can follow me

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floor plan envy, as 110 West 25 Street loft cuts + sells

a fan letter for 2 dimensionsSavor, if you will, the floor plan of the Manhattan loft on the 4th floor at 110 West 25 Street, a “2,500 sq ft” loft that sold on March 7 at $2.4mm after having more

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28 East 22 Street loft has truly “just sold”, fetched $834/ft

you read it here secondI have ragged before on the “just” part of the New York Post’s regular Thursday real estate feature, “Just Sold” (like on February 25). Today’s edition, in contrast, reports a loft sale that is so “just”

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a flippin' fast flip at 151 Wooster Street, for a vanishingly small 'profit'

you’ll see how it vanishedWarning: there is no typo in the following sentence. The Manhattan loft #5A at 151 Wooster Street sold on March 3 for $5mm and on February 1 for $4.65mm. The trick is that the first sale

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99 Reade Street loft sales show sound and fury in market, but it’s no tragedy

unless The Market is down 8% in 4 monthsIf I told you that the Manhattan loft #5W at 99 Reade Street (Reade Court) closed on April 11 down % compared to #3W four months earlier, with the same footprint and

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bidding war was a long time coming to 21 East 22 Street loft

revisiting a late deed with late actionThe Manhattan loft #2H at 21 East 22 Street was a bit player in a post last week about a neighbor’s more recent sale (April 21, stubborn loft seller wins at 21 East 22

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Printing House loft sells under 2006 at 421 Hudson Street

no ‘greed’ involvedI hate to use the word “greedy” to describe a seller and an asking price, but you will sometimes see trolls (bitter renters?) on Curbed or StreetEasy describe an asking price that is ‘too high’ that way. But

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100 days later, do not visit tomorrow

a streak that deserves to be brokenA housekeeping note for fans: do not come here looking for a new post tomorrow. I am taking the day off for Easter and the birthday of my Manhattan loft gal. There’s a nice

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241 West 23 Street loft pushes through market to close below 2007

up 8% since 2004, howeverHere is another set of data points in search of a coherent narrative, as the same loft has been sold 3 times since 2004, prompting me to play with some numbers in search of some meaning.

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stubborn loft seller wins at 21 East 22 Street

Conventional Wisdom takes another hitEach deed is a fact, but each fact does not necessarily fit a coherent narrative with broader application. Have I lost you yet? A deed filed on April 12 recorded as fact that A Woman sold

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