Month: December 2006

happy condos to all, and to all a good night

Nice holiday greetings from Crazy Fingers (THX to Curbed for the head’s up and to Crazy Fingers for the photo), with the photo of (what looks like) the construction elevator at 14 Condos (133 W 14 St). That can’t be

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REBNY vs. REBNY vs. REBNY / portal potties still percolating

  REBNY portal wars get curiouser and curiouser (nastier and nastier?) The much-discussed announcement by the Real Estate Board of New York to create an open web portal for members of the public to review all REBNY listings continues to

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a rumination on value, leading to taking stock(s) of analogies to apartments

  one more try at getting Dave Leonhardt’s complaint about home sales data out of my craw, hoping something good may come of it (The David Leonhardt Economix column in the NY Times business section two weeks ago by now,

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how I love ya, how I love ya, my dear old Meme-y

  getting memed in the blogosphere brings us all together? I have been memed by Maureen McCabe at Columbus Best Blog, which makes me a meme-in-law of Joseph at Sellsius.   As Joseph says:   A meme (rhymes with dream)

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  if you drop the price and no one is there, does it count? The 2d fl at 42 E 12 St is a long-and-narrow full floor condo loft (90×25 ft, roughly; Property Shark shows sizes as 1,760 sq ft)

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Old Grey Lady lets her hair down in obits

  unusual “also surviving…” sentence You can learn a lot reading the NY Times obituaries. About inventors and discoverers, Medal of Honor winners and Holocaust survivors, artists and (even) agents. Sometimes the best stuff comes at the end, rewarding the

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selling West 17th St / 3 very different lofts almost on top of each other

  huge range of (truly) special options west of Fifth on 17 St I have seen three very different lofts almost on top of each other in three very different buildings on 17th St b/w Fifth and Sixth in the

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value, prices & data / theory, flaws & spin in Manhattan apartment prices

  bothered by smart guys The David Leonhardt Economix column in last week’s NY Times business section, What Statistics On Home Sales Aren’t Saying, has been bothering me. I blogged about it last week, with a link to the Matrix

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a year of pricing dangerously / 140 Thompson loft in contract

  a long time to find the right price Unit 6C at 140 Thompson St looks like a pretty nice loft: 2,228 sq ft set up as a duplex 2 BR + 2 (“stunning”) baths, with big windows showing lots of

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ask Vanna for a

  Go back to my post two weeks ago Tribeca trifecta on the market / if you need a "D", 55 Hudson is for sale for a description of 1, 2 and 3 BR layouts in the same “D” line

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