Month: November 2013

a holiday no-Manhattan-lofts diversion is about being thankful to be alive on earth

from one who knows (about earth, not Manhattan lofts) Perhaps I am selling retired Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield short in supposing that he doesn’t know anything about Manhattan lofts (he is, after all, An Amazing Fellow), but he is most

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hyper-local (6th floor) Tribeca loft market at 44 Laight Street up 17% in 17 months

not much of an outlier from overall Manhattan residential real estate market, however An index is one thing, but real (individual) data points are another. It should no longer be headline news that a particular downtown Manhattan loft resells in

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a rising tide floats 712 Broadway loft in upper Noho to full price after 10 months

a downtown Manhattan loft tale of markets and tides In a flat market, or even in a slowly changing market, the listing history of the “2,800 sq ft” Manhattan loft on the 5th floor at 712 Broadway would be unusual.

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diversion: Lena Dunham’s parents ruin a Tribeca loft

not a sale, so a diversion, even if about a Manhattan loft Weekends on Manhattan Loft Guy are usually for diversions from outside the real estate world, but this Robin Finn story (A Lena Dunham Locale and slideshow) from the Sunday

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a (rather crude) no Manhattan lofts diversion with ‘advice’ for the departing

there’s a Manhattan real estate angle I’m a big fan of the Ask A New Yorker feature on Gothamist and of the type of articles to which Jake Dobkins refers in the latest effort, Ask A Native New Yorker: Why Is

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the yield after renovating 71 Nassau Street loft? 5% over 2006 (ouch)

numbers collide, a little painfully, for FiDi loft on resale It’s not bad enough that the folks who just unloaded the “1,376 sq ft” Manhattan loft #15A at 71 Nassau Street (the Croft Building) for $1.348mm paid $1,282,995 when they

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true sculptor studio loft at 561 Broadway needs gut, gets $1,142/ft

you’re looking at a $1,400/ft Soho loft, all in (at least) What would you do with the “2,100 sq ft” Manhattan loft #4A at 561 Broadway (the oh so lovely Little Singer Building)? It “has been the studio and showroom

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225 Lafayette Street loft sale tells me private seller did a great job in 2012

sometimes the most interesting thing about a Manhattan loft sale is insight about the past On its own merits, the recent sale of the “1,498 sq ft” Manhattan loft #9C at 225 Lafayette Street just past the edge of Soho

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no Manhattan lofts, but a diversion: a song that changed America

for people of a certain age, another anniversary Before we get to a truly tragic 50th anniversary on Friday, there’s a musical one from 1963 that tracks only as “late November”. I can’t relate (at all!) to the musical commentary

no-Manhattan-lofts diversion is back to football, violently

the hits just keep on coming Does anyone else feel it? Perhaps because I am sensitized to these articles, I am seeing dribs and drabs of media reports and commentaries that are dribbier and drabbier than what has come before.

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