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65 West 13th Street loft owner bites bullet, finally becomes seller

how to make an impression on The Market The mark of a serious seller is forcefully responding to negative feedback. The guy who just sold the beautiful “2,341 sq ft” Manhattan loft #3H at 65 West 13 Street (The Greenwich)

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spectacular renovation of Village penthouse loft is not quite as well received as renovator hoped at 42 East 12 Street

Manhattan loft renovations don’t get much more gut than this In the broker babbling world, it seems that no modifier faces a bridge too far. Most often, these flights of linguistic fancy crash and burn (“unique” should be allergic to modifiers), but

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no rational market evident in 708 Greenwich Street loft sale $260k over ask

an ‘efficient’ Manhattan loft market requires more transparency than a bidding war can offer From November 2014 to February 2015 the overall Manhattan residential real estate market was essentially flat, unless you consider a change of .01% to be a significant deviation

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replacing nude woman with a slut sells Village loft at 12 East 12 Street at $1,806/ft

well, that, a few discounts, + 18 months Sergeant Joe Friday would ask only about the asking prices and timing of the “2,750 sq ft” Manhattan loft #3S at 12 East 12 Street on the Gold Coast of Greenwich Village; others would

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how much money earned by floating floors, dropping ceiling of 200 Mercer Street loft?

but why do it if you can’t (or won’t) enjoy it? The folks who bought the “2,246 sq ft” Manhattan loft #2E at 200 Mercer Street in October 2012 for $1.875mm with a very problematic layout gave a great deal of thought

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did a rising tide sell 250 Mercer Street mini-loft, unsold in slack of 2013?

finding the right price at the right time for a Manhattan loft sometimes takes time Asking $630,000 for the tiny (“600 sq ft”) Manhattan loft #B1507 at 250 Mercer Street was too high a price in 2013. Heck, even $599,000

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74 Fifth Avenue loft celebrates new plumbing rooms by selling 34% over 2007

this Flatiron loft still has crappy light, no views This is a sequence that drives appraisers (and other data-driven Manhattan residential real estate folk) crazy: the “1,900 sq ft” Manhattan loft #4B at 74 Fifth Avenue in central Greenwich Village

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raw loft space in prime Greenwich Village location goes above ask at $1,120/ft

there’s a thin loft line between raw and gut There’s no chance that anyone would have been tempted to buy the “2,000 sq ft” Manhattan loft on the 2nd floor at 56 East 11 Street and hope to salvage anything

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yeah, 520 LaGuardia Place loft sold above ask, but was pricing modest?

compare to 2006 loft, wonder about renovation Bang! Zoom! That was the “1,500 sq ft” Manhattan loft #3N at 520 LaGuardia Place in lower central Greenwich Village flying through The Market above ask at $2.2mm: to market on April 27

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creating great value in 39 East 12 Street loft by doing a great build-out

Conventional Wisdom is sometimes right: add value by renovating a loft, reap the benefits on resale While it did not work out for the folks who sold yesterday’s loft after dressing it up (October 14, long story about a small