Month: March 2011

137 Duane Street loft sells after falling off peak

one child, two postersThe first time the Manhattan loft #2A at 137 Duane Street (Diamond Duane) sold it was auditioning as a poster child for Lofts That Sold At The Peak. (The sponsor sale was April 25, 2008, off a

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slow and steady loft at 148 West 23 Street wins race, eventually

not ‘forever’, but there was a birthdayAlthough the Manhattan loft #11BC at 148 West 23 Street (Chelsea Mews) ‘celebrated’ a birthday before closing on March 9 at $1.05mm, that birthday was a happier occasion than for some loft listings that

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10 Bleecker Street loft takes forever to sell after meticulous renovation

well, technically, not “forever”The Manhattan loft #1A at 10 Bleecker Street sold on March 10 for $1.375mm after having been on and off the market (much more ‘on’ than ‘off’) since The Peak of the Manhattan residential real estate market.

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disappointed not to get $2,000/ft? maybe yes, maybe no as 7 Hubert Street loft sells

it did double since 2004 The Manhattan loft #4A at 7 Hubert Street sold on March 7 at $4.5mm, on the one hand at nearly twice the original sponsor sale in 2004; on the other hand at a 10% discount

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710 Broadway loft sells at $1,000/mo premium over 2005 sale, almost

not a typical metricOne way to look at the March 1 sale of the full floor Manhattan loft on the 5th floor at 710 Broadway is that the clearing price of $2.035mm is a record for the building, exceeding even

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weekend diversion / Manhattan maps … we got 200+ years of maps

slicing and dicing a sliver of an islandThere has been a lot in the blogosphere to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the Manhattan street grid, but this compilation from the Wall Street Journal’s New York blog on March 22 is

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about the views from that LaGuardia Place loft that zoomed through the market…

watch out for the Purple People EatersI commented on the open eastern views when I hit the Manhattan loft at 542 LaGuardia Place that took 10 days to fins a contract and 7 weeks to close (March 15, 542 LaGuardia

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eventual 92 Warren Street resale beats 2007 new development price by 5%

one theme, or anotherIs the recent sale of the Manhattan loft #5W at 92 Warren Street more interesting because it is a resale of a 2007 new development that exceeded the original sponsor sale price, or is it more interesting

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O’Neill loft at 655 Sixth Avenue sells despite not being marketed from July 2007 to December 2008

otherwise, it was actively marketedSome marketing campaigns are longer than others; few are as long as this (perhaps none). When the Manhattan loft #3B at 655 Sixth Avenue (the O’Neill Building) finally sold on February 28 for $1.22mm it had

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when a condo board sues a developer, must resales die?

the cat may already have left the bagThe Christine Haughney Appraisal story in today’s New York Times touches (again) on the consequences to owners who would like to sell when there is a dispute about the condition of the building.

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