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another Miller nugget on Manhattan real estate absorption: trend is stronger than national

stop him before he puns againThe Miller’s latest data nugget about the absorption rate of Manhattan residential real estate listings compared to the national trends is on Curbed, in the Three Cents Worth series: Manhattan Absorbs The Turkey and (though

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Miller's nuggets on Manhattan absorption: coops + downtown stronger

meaningful? maybe not until there’s more dataThe Miller has a Matrix post today chewing over some of his “absorption” data, now that he has more than a year of absorption data. He is most interested today in the 2009 to

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The Miller on absorption of Manhattan coops and condos

hint: it is worse as you go upOne of the nice things about the blogoshere is that it provides a forum for dialogue, even (especlally) with oneself. Here’s an article last week from the Wall Street Journal analyzing the "absorption

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more counting wars / Manhattan coop + condo inventory

  some numbers(In which, Manhattan Loft Guy gets into the weeds — again — with numbers and takes StreetEasy to the woodshed.) Let’s beat that old horse of Different Firms, Different Numbers again … as a follow-up to my February

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inventory numbers: different firms, different issues

  why can’t we all just get along?Back to real estate here, as I see that five of the last 13 posts have been of the Caution: no real estate content variety, but these things run in cycles…. I got

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December volume + absorption / loving the actual data

  Noah The Numbers Guy comes through (again) If you are at all interested in the macro-economics impacting the Manhattan real estate market, you probably already have seen the terrific blog, UrbanDigs. Noah’s got a post yesterday that includes some

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Q4 reports / inventory still low

Not sure what the meaning of this is, but there’s got to be food for thought in the inventory numbers somewhere…. no rise in supply at year endThe press release last week trumpeting the Radar Logic (Miller Samuel) report prepared

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