Month: January 2008

who laughs at 108 Wooster deal?

I picked on #5E at 108 Wooster Street when it was new to market (October 16: all feet at 108 Wooster are square but not equal), describing it as “’1,140 sq ft’ of the least efficient small space I can

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718 Broadway in the news again / #10C is back, beefier

  not new, exactly, though more718 Broadway #10C showed up as a new listing yesterday, asking $1.295mm and $1,486 for “1,400 sq ft” of “real NoHo loft with sunlight, dramatic city views, and 12 foot ceilings”. This unit and this

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limits of the loft form / 448 Greenwich St

1,300 sq ft = 1 BRI touched yesterday on a beautiful little loft that – with only “1,100 sq ft” – is fit for no more than one couple, or even one person (minimal drop at minimal beauty / 8

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minimal drop at minimal beauty / 8 West 13 Street drips

philistines force drip campaign?I hit #2F at 8 West 13 Street when it was new at $1.5mm for “1,100 sq ft” of “museum quality” (July 9: min to the (small) max / new at 8 W 13; note Reader Jess’s

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new contract at 130 Watts Street after 3 months, old contract at 125 Watts in 2 weeks

I hit 130 Watts Street #1N when it was new on November 17 (new at 130 Watts / bonus open house at $1.999mm) and again in an open house review 2 weeks ago (8 Sunday open houses $1.8mm – $2mm).

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New Listings + Sales of Manhattan lofts in last 7 days

This is my fifteenth report on the number, price distribution and neighborhood distribution for Manhattan lofts reported as new to the market or as closed sales in the last 7 days. The stats as of Sunday night … there were

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‘new’ at 116 West 14 Street is recycled, green, pumped

center of it all, indeedThe 2d floor at 116 West 14 Street is “new to market” this weekend in the sense that it is a new listing for Sean Turner and Michelle Della Peruta of Stribling. But it was formerly

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2 are new at 468 West Broadway / classic, no bling

opposites: prime SoHo vs. northwest TribecaYesterday I hit #2H at 416 Washington Street, asking $2.995mm and $1,559/mo (condo; abated) for “1,676 sq ft” in the River Lofts, which has a very high level of finishes (bling) and amenities, not to

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all around the town / 3 open houses at $2.55mm

Here are three Sunday loft open houses at the same price in very different Manhattan neighborhoods, at sizes ranging from almost 2,400 sq ft to just over 1,600 sq ft, all with fairly deluxe finishes, all in new developments. One

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new at River Lofts / 416 Washington with street views

amenities + bling …Unit 2H at 416 Washington Street is new to market today, asking $2.995mm and $1,559/mo (condo; abated) for “1,676 sq ft” in the River Lofts. This is a 2003 conversion that has ‘uptown’ amenities (doorman, garage, ‘state

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