Month: October 2010

why would bully developer sucker punch a fact-based blogger about Chelsea rowhouse renovation?

no punches thrown in a while; is the bully tired? or satisfied?I saw this kerfluffle reported on Curbed way back in August, but I was on vacation in California then and the story looked to be still developing. Since then

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Saturday diversion: who is THAT guy?

a pre-Halloween ghoul[oops! posted it without the title; now fixed]Today’s hat tip goes to NY1’s Pat Kiernan, who was on my TV early Wednesday morning with a story about a painted portrait. I may have been watching while standing in

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how to sell a loft quickly? (not a secret!) another 808 Broadway loft does it

modesty rewarded, as usualThe Manhattan penthouse loft 808 Broadway #PHA [Renwick] is an excellent example of what truly motivated sellers do. (Not the sellers who will sell if I get $Xmm, but the sellers who will sell, what can I

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stable loft market at 303 Greenwich Street, since 2009 + since 2005

nice to see simple data once in a whileFrequent readers of Manhattan Loft Guy know that I am intrigued by sales that don’t fit The Overall Narrative, such as loft sales implying a 15% change in the market in the

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what is your loft worth after a major FIRE? 12 East 12 Street loft goes for more than you'd think

20% off peak pricing??The Manhattan loft 12 East 12 Street #7NE sold on April 8, 2008, almost exactly at The Peak of the overall Manhattan real estate market, and then again on September 24. Conventional wisdom might be that the

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pop-up (mystery) contract for loft at 476 Broadway

still not a ‘trend’, but a reminderIn my October 7 post, the puzzle of pop-up contracts, signed long after Off The Market at 144 West 27 Street and 24 East 21 Street lofts, I touched on the phenomenon of Manhattan

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real estate market psychology: about seller refusal to take a loss

just ‘cuz “everyone knows” doesn’t mean it is not trueYes, it is no great revelation to state as fact that apartment or loft sellers in Manhattan (and elsewhere) are reluctant to sell (even when “on the market”) if they can

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Saturday diversion / tweeterful Tribeca

small bitesTweeting is not in the Manhattan Loft Guy tool box (140 character limit?? puh-leeze!), but I like a good tweet as much as the next guy. Tribeca Citizen, a blog that needs to make the MLG updated list of

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did the Manhattan loft market improve by 15% from November to June? 43 Clarkson Street has 2 data points

one lingered, after drops; the other flew off the shelfEven infrequent Manhattan loft Guy readers know that I love paired loft sales! The October 4 sale of #2B at 43 Clarkson Street was posted the other night on The New

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interesting price history of 71 Murray Street loft bought by Famous Couple

newsworthy for a different reasonThe Manhattan loft on the 10th floor at 71 Warren Street (the Hastings Building) made news when it sold on October 6 because the buyers are A Famous Couple (the New York Post mention is here,

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