Month: March 2013

Lion’s Head no bedroom mezzanine loft at 121 West 19 Street closes up $25,000 since 2008

always interesting to play Beat The Peak The recent sale of the “1,069 sq ft” Manhattan loft #4C at 121 West 19 Street (in the Lion’s Head Condominium) is yet another reminder that I should do a summary post collecting

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115 Mercer Street loft could not sell in 2010, sells 16% higher

what a difference 3 years make It is no longer unusual to see this kind of history, but I remain fond of individual lofts that show in hard data how at least their hyper-local market has changed since 2010. In

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took a while for architects to wake up to gut project loft at 39 Worth Street

why so long to get to small discount? The broker babble for the “2,000 sq ft” Manhattan loft #2W at 39 Worth Street in Tribeca’s business district is not subtle: AN ARCHITECT’S DREAM Bring your design team to this classic

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huge renovation premium for (awkward?) 251 West 19 Street that last sold in 2010

  market didn’t mind dropping more ceiling The math on the recently resold “1,630 sq ft” Manhattan loft #1D at 251 West 19 Street is pretty impressive: sold on February 27 at $1.76mm after a renovation by the folks who

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OYAToMLG downtown artist loses views of her muse, is sad but not angry

  grace, personified A quick (last!) one from New Orleans, kinda sorta like a diversion, but certainly Manhattan real estate related. One Year Ago Today on Manhattan Loft Guy I posted about an artist featured in a New York Times

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cheating to talk about market conditions during nuclear winter, courage, and risk-bearing

  my analysis from March 2009 holds up pretty well, I think I started another OYAToMLG draft for today to shorten my keyboard time from New Orleans, but in looking at it and the posts this week I realized I

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OYAToMLG talking about gabby PR seeking agents and beautiful loft off Prince & Broadway

  figuring why this thing finally sold ain‘t easy Another pure (actual day) One Year Ago on Manhattan Loft Guy post from N’Awlins…. A year ago today I was snarking about the Public Relations efforts of Some Real Estate Agents

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TYAToMLG talking about the huge premium that some people will pay for a view, in this case of Madison Square

hitting it out of the ballparkAs on Monday (March 18, OYAToMLG talking about post-Peak and square floor plans at 161 Hudson Street) this will be a relatively short post based on the Manhattan Loft Guy archives, due to the conflicts

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another day (another year), another Manhattan Loft Guy milestone

didn’t we just do this?I will have to wrestle with my social media conscience (oxymoron?) to see if I will beg for ReTweets from the Twitterverse, as I did for my March 7, just another wordy day for a wordy

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OYAToMLG talking about post-Peak and square floor plans at 161 Hudson Street

well, yesterday, in factIt has been quite a while since I’ve dipped into the archives for a One Year Ago Today on Manhattan Loft Guy post, but we will be out of town for the week by the time this

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