Month: July 2011

Sunday diversion / baseball links edition

the only game in townNot to go all emo on ya, but Manhattan Loft Guy can be a snob about more things than lofts. Baseball makes that (short?) list. In a week in which the sports pages have been dominated

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why did 263 Ninth Avenue loft resale kick some serious butt?

one does not make a trendI have commented before that bright shiny objects (statistical outliers) tend to catch attention at Manhattan Loft Guy. Today’s bright shiny object is a resale at the 2005* condominium conversion of a former printing building,

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prime Soho original artist loft at 100 Wooster sells immediately for $600/ft

another one bites the dustThe “2,000 sq ft” “classic”, “quintessential”, “rare”, “authentic” artist loft I hit last week (July 21, no mistaking the condition of artist loft at 184 Grand Street that sold for $710/ft) sold for (you guessed, right?)

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NFL guy sells loft at 347 West 39 Street, Observer gets facts wrong (again)

preferring puns to fact-checkingIf you are tired of Manhattan Loft Guy bashing The New York Observer for getting details wrong about Manhattan loft sales, don’t tell me; try this: Today’s bash is, as usual, from a link on The

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scion sells strong, as 249 Church Street loft gains 35% over 2005

I appreciate the ObservationThe Observer on Monday night observed that a loft changed hands at a very interesting price, which I saw when The Real Deal linked to that news yesterday morning. As usual, The Observer is quick to note

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66 Madison Avenue loft seller wonders when is a full price deal a cause of regret?

when you paid more in 2006I have a fantasy that the seller of the Manhattan loft #6A at 66 Madison Avenue (Madison Parq; how I hate that name!) walked around with sandwich boards that read “motivated seller”, not because (as

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58 Walker Street loft recalibrates after missing Peak, sells 20% off old ask

what if? is a fun game (you can make up your own rules!)When a loft does not sell, it is impossible to know what would have happened if it had been priced differently because (d’oh!) we cannot know how The

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161 Grand Street loft closes up almost 1% over 2007

streets not as mean a bit westYesterday’s post (no mistaking the condition of artist loft at 184 Grand Street that sold for $710/ft) hit a very primitive artist’s loft on Grand Street near Mulberry Street, in the immediate Johnny Boy

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no mistaking the condition of artist loft at 182 Grand Street that sold for $710/ft

“classic”, “quintessential”, “rare”, “authentic”The Manhattan loft #2E at 182 Grand Street was marketed with a historical marker (“currently serves as the studio for a working artist”) and every picture in the listing tells that story. Yes, the floor plan of

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does a $300,000 silver kitchen account for a Peak+10% gain at 889 Broadway?

probably not, but look at gain since 2007The “2,400 sq ft” Manhattan loft #3A at 889 Broadway (Gorham Mfg Co Building) sold on June 28 for $2.95mm with some exuberant broker babble. Since the loft was purchased by these recent

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