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diversion is about America’s greatest game

(and some lovely writing) I’d never heard of Jordan Ellenberg (a professor of mathematics at the University of Wisconsin) before reading a lovely little piece he wrote on Slate, but I will try to pay enough attention hereafter you be aware

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today in big sports news

of course the anticipation is risingWhat with the earliest reporting dates for pitches and catchers to baseball’s spring training sites as early as February 11. (Full schedule here.) Only the Cubbies and the Rockies have the earliest dates, with most

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Sunday diversion / is it baseball season yet?

no joy for Met fans (of course), but some solaceForgive me, not for talkin’ baseball (to be encouraged 365 days a year) but for picking at a scab of New York Mets fans. They won’t have the reigning Cy Young

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winter snow + sleet diversion / no football edition

pitchers, catchers applying liniment alreadyAs Sammy Cahn would say, the weather outside is frightful. Although the word on the street is that there is some football to be played tomorrow (in frightful weather of a different sort?), the real sports

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weekend diversion / waiting for baseball edition

(still waiting…) It is a somewhat controversial opinion, but I still like Jon Miller. He gets a little excited here. Pitchers & Catchers in 15 days! (Is football season over yet??) h/t The Girl Who Loved Andy Pettitte; very indirect

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happy Pitchers & Catchers!

  for those for whom this is a holiday event(And you know who you are…) Twelve teams reported yesterday, with first work-out today. Teams report as late as February 22 (what’s up with Cleveland??). If you must have details on

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