Month: November 2010

how are Soho artist-in-residence articles like the Richter Scale in California?

when is The Big One?I’ve been continuing to consult and reflect about the conundrum reflected in the November 12 New York Times article Suddenly, SoHo Heeds Law Limiting Lofts to Artists and my quick-but-long post in response later that day,

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more on that $100,000 view in small loft at 150 Nassau Street, with a Landmarks bonus

different values to different buyersI am not going to say that The Guy I profiled yesterday who traded one small loft at 150 Nassau Street for $876/ft for another small loft on the same floor at $1,020/ft kept me up

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bass ackwards at 150 Nassau Street?? as lofts are sold low + bought high, with an agency twist

(doesn’t work in my spell check, either)When I observed that the buyer of the Manhattan loft #9E at 150 Nassau Street on November 3 has a notice address of #9A at 150 Nassau Street I began to wonder. First I

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the master rules / unbalanced loft sells near $1,000/ft at 58 West 15 Street

master always makes the rulesThe Manhattan loft on the 2nd floor at 58 West 15 Street that sold two weeks ago commanded a nice price for classic coop lofts on this block ($980/ft) but I was struck by the floor

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things that Manhattan Loft Guy is thankful for, 2010 edition

(UPDATE: a list I keep adding to…)(not to be confused with the personal thanks for the guy who is the Guy) clients: past, present (and future!) who remind me that my job is to provide real estate services to people

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another Miller nugget on Manhattan real estate absorption: trend is stronger than national

stop him before he puns againThe Miller’s latest data nugget about the absorption rate of Manhattan residential real estate listings compared to the national trends is on Curbed, in the Three Cents Worth series: Manhattan Absorbs The Turkey and (though

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is this a $625k renovation of a 1,200 sq ft loft at 720 Greenwich Street?

Manhattan Loft Guy report, you decideThe footprint of the “A” line of The Tower in the West Village at 720 Greenwich Street is pretty funky, as Manhattan lofts go. It winds around an obtuse corner (2 exposures!) with enough of

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working artist leaves Tribeca for … the East Side?? the New York Times hunts for the reason

oyAs with so many searches profiled in The Hunt feature in the Sunday New York Times real estate section, there is a logic to the decision made by today’s Hunt-er (Space Wanted for Living and Painting) that took him from

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Saturday diversion / is The Force with you?

fonts! glorious fonts!Isn’t it amazing what Kids are doing today: h/t (as is often the case) a terrific baseball writer © Sandy Mattingly 2010  

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why did The Market hate this small loft at 315 Seventh Avenue?

cue the head-scratching machineIn a world of weird, in which Manhattan Loft Guy is something of a connoisseur of weird, the October 14 sale of 315 Seventh Avenue #12A (the Kheel Building) for $620,000 caught my eye. This little loft

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