Month: November 2006

Manhattan Users Guide on Nannyhattan

  Depending on how you feel about protecting your In-Box, you should subscribe to Manhattan User’s Guide or just bookmark it and search regularly. Charlie Suisman has a lot of energy, a wide range of tastes and interests, and a

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please don

  thinking of moving to San Francisco? / be careful out there This news report is not funny. Really. But it is … interesting.   Some highlights:   “a rogue sea lion bit 14 swimmers this month and chased 10

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precise numbers are credible

  I blogged about the widely-quoted Manhattan rental vacancy “index” produced by Citi-Habitats last week (does anybody here know stats?), wondering how statistically significant it is.   Observer also wonders Tom Acitelli at The New York Observer (late of The

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marketing 201 / sun and clouds out of alignment at 236 W 26

  how not to sell a sun-drenched loft The new listing from Corcoran for #601 at The Capital Building, 236 W 26 St, caught my eye this morning, since I was recently in the building to see the unit directly

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rebels in REBNY may repel web listing portal

  who at REBNY wants this thing, and why? I blogged about the Nov 1 announcement by the Real Estate Board of New York about plans in the Spring to establish an internet portal for REBNY-member firm listings (A Giant

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  locking in 25-34 year-olds turns out to be important (maybe) Interesting piece in Saturday’s NY Times about how the future of (some?) cities may be tied to their ability to attract the cohort of educated 25-34 years olds, Cities

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Tribeca trifecta on the market / if you need a “D”, 55 Hudson is for sale

  same building, same line, similar (aggressive?) price, for different layouts NY Times On the Market today included a loft with some classic attributes, including arched windows, vaulted ceilings – and an awkward bathroom arrangement. Turns out that is one

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does anyone here know stats? / the widely quoted Rental Vacancy Rate from Citi-Habitats

  data point about rentals tracked down (it wasn’t hidden) That NY Times piece from Sunday, Changing Course to Avert a Glut, addresses macro-level questions about plans to build lots of condominium in Manhattan. Among the data nuggets reported by

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hard data is good to find / nuggets in NY Times glut aversion piece

  condo pipeline is an issue The NY Times piece yesterday, Changing Course to Avert a Glut, addresses macro-level questions about what may happen if all the planned condominium apartments in Manhattan are built. In the course of the article,

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gluttony without turkey or pie / new condos in Miami, Las Vegas and Manhattan

  my excess is bigger than your excess That NY Times piece Sunday, Changing Course to Avert a Glut, provides some comparative data about condo development in Manhattan, Las Vegas and Miami (on the theory that we all feel better when

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