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half-off finally sells 620 Broadway artist loft with (obviously) some issues

how selling a Manhattan loft can be like your worst experience pulling off a band-aid I’m going to lead the way you should pull off a band-aid, quickly (brutally, even): contrary to what you’ll read on StreetEasy, the very quirky

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true artists’ loft goes under $1,000/ft in Soho, not the $1,250/ft they wanted

an artist’s life in a Soho loft, from back in the day The listing photos and description for the recently sold “4,000 sq ft” Manhattan loft #3WR at 140 Grand Street are a form of time machine. Back to the

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oh dear! 292 Lafayette Street loft goes to war, slays famous neighbors

  comps, but no comparison The last time we visited 292 Lafayette Street together there was a somewhat primitive loft with somewhat famous sellers that sold at $1,033/ft. Today’s visit is occasioned by the "1,600 sq ft" Manhattan loft #2E

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second floor loft empire at 66 Crosby Street increases at $946/ft

a curiously low price for a curiously configured spaceRemember that loft in the charming West Village that sold near $1,200/ft while needing a complete build-out? Of course you do: January 22, West Village loft that needs a total build-out sells

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27 Howard Street sells above ask with (probably) the best low-floor view in Soho?

all because of Crosby StreetHaving looked this week at a one floor difference in height that did not matter (much) in Flatiron (September 27, height makes a small difference as Altair 20 lofts sell at 15 West 20 Street), a

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Wall Street Journal jumps gun on quarterly market report, flogs Soho loft sale you know about

brilliant journalismRegular readers of Manhattan Loft guy will suspect snark in that sub-head, but today, I got none. Josh Barbanel’s piece in today’s Journal, Manhattan Sales Continue to Climb, is brilliant journalism on two fronts. First, it scoops all the

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quintessential artist loft sells for $1,525/ft at 38 Crosby Street

oh that light!A day after hitting an architect designed Greenwich Village loft that sold under $1,000/ft (September 12, “noted architect” will be disappointed that “incredible” 200 Mercer Street loft went for $939/ft), here is a “2,000 sq ft” Soho “quintessential

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WOW, indeed: “wow factor” loft at 66 Crosby Street has late bidding war to close up 60% over 2006

I [heart] Lofts Week continues….Yes, I was a little over the top yesterday in my praise for the (mini) loft that sold at an astounding (for the building) price per foot (that was August 29, unique loft at 236 West

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a question of views for gut renovated 29 Howard Street loft at $1,383/ft

why cut off views over Crosby Street?The “2,061 sq ft” Manhattan loft on the 4th floor at 29 Howard Street was recently renovated with high-end finishes, and then sold. Since it got the full ask (February 14, $2.85mm) it would

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45 Crosby Street loft seller wins staring contest, sells at overall 9% discount before birthday

being stubborn can payThe sellers of the “2,000 sq ft” Manhattan loft #6N at 45 Crosby Street wanted to get their price: holding at $2.85mm for 6 months, then holding at $2.75mm for the next 4 months that it took

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