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inventory numbers: different firms, different issues

  why can’t we all just get along?Back to real estate here, as I see that five of the last 13 posts have been of the Caution: no real estate content variety, but these things run in cycles…. I got

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Mothra v. Godzilla, or the epic battle over Manhattan sales volume reports

Terra takes on The MatrixI commented last Friday about the discrepancy between the number of coop and condo sales in Manhattan in the first quarter of 2008 as reported by 3 major firms (April 11, Q1 Manhattan market reports highlight

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Q1 Manhattan market reports highlight high prices + major caveats

The Market of high prices and confusing numbersEnough about me! Let’s talk about what I think about the Manhattan market reports for the first quarter issued by the major firms that got so much media play last week….As typified by

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