Month: December 2012

the end of the year, as we know it

how did this creep up on me??I was thinking about doing a kind of 2012 In Review post, but started thinking about it too late to actually (you know) do anything serious about it. The I was thinking about doing

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Sunday diversion / is it baseball season yet?

no joy for Met fans (of course), but some solaceForgive me, not for talkin’ baseball (to be encouraged 365 days a year) but for picking at a scab of New York Mets fans. They won’t have the reigning Cy Young

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love the neighbor on neighbor action, as expensive 55 Hudson Street loft wall should come down soon

little other action in this building since 2008The folks who just bought the “1,000 sq ft” Manhattan loft #7C at 55 Hudson Street for $1.5mm live next door in #7D, which is why I expect the wall between these two

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hard to argue with success, as owner sells 29 East 22 Street with NO BROKERS (no “please”?)

much as I’d like toI can appreciate that owners want to “save” money by not listing with an agent, and even that some owners are able to do it. (Most owners who go FSBO put less money in their pocket,

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plusses and minuses evident as 249 Church Street penthouse loft sells above 3rd floor, at par with 4th floor

primitive loft with roof rights will do thatThe “1,588 sq ft” Manhattan loft on the 5th floor (“penthouse”) at 249 Church Street that sold on December 4 at $2.15mm, is a study of the power of “on the other hand

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Sunday diversion / real live hero at 22, public servant until 88 edition

rest in peace, brother Inouye US Senator from Hawaii Daniel Inouye died this week at age 88, after having been the longest serving member of the Senate since Robert Byrd’s passing in 2010. That means he was about 63 when

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another small loft on so many levels sells high at 130 Barrow Street

how does it measure up?The folks who just bought the “763 sq ft” Manhattan (mini) loft #404 at 130 Barrow Street must be fans of steps. On a small foot print, you get a choice as you enter to take

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failure to flip: over-pricing in 2008 leads to loss in 2012 over 2007 for 15 West 20 Street loft

memory lane trippingI wrote the headline above based just on the rather extensive sales history of the “2,259 sq ft” Manhattan loft #8A at 15 West 20 Street (Altair 20) (details below), before discovering that I covered the key old

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27 N. Moore Street loft at (the other) Ice House cracks $1,800/ft

if it had merely sold at ask…The sellers of the “2,134 sq ft” Manhattan loft #6A at 27 N. Moore Street (Ice House) priced their loft aggressively when they came to market at $3.75mm, given that #5A had sold a

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the stuff you can't see earned 7th floor loft at 15 West 20 Street a 13% premium over 8th floor

(I can’t see them, either)Did the hyper local Manhattan loft market in one Flatiron 2005 era new development improve by 13% in … (wait for it) … 6 days? Sounds ridiculous, right? Well, the “2,259 sq ft” Manhattan loft #8A

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