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gluttony without turkey or pie / new condos in Miami, Las Vegas and Manhattan

  my excess is bigger than your excess That NY Times piece Sunday, Changing Course to Avert a Glut, provides some comparative data about condo development in Manhattan, Las Vegas and Miami (on the theory that we all feel better when

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hard data is good to find / nuggets in NY Times glut aversion piece

  condo pipeline is an issue The NY Times piece yesterday, Changing Course to Avert a Glut, addresses macro-level questions about what may happen if all the planned condominium apartments in Manhattan are built. In the course of the article,

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and the answer is

  WSJ’s Stewart gets smug Jonathan Miller started a thread on Matrix about market timing, in response to James Stewart in the Wall Street Journal expression of relief about not having to listen to more people brag about their real

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Timing the market when timing is everything / CNNMoney on

  They make it sound so easy “Bubble-sitting” is the term used by CNNMoney reporter Les Christie to refer to potential buyers who anticipate that house or apartment prices will fall, so are renting in the interim. There is a

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