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death, taxes and

  do Manhattan private school vs. suburban public school anecdotes make a story or just sell papers? Fascinating piece in Monday’s NY Times about parents leaving Manhattan for the idyllic schools of ‘burbville and then end up springing for private

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Emily Litella and the PS 234 Annex

  The on-again-late-again schedule for the annex for Tribeca’s PS 234 is on again. The 10,000 sq ft annex is now expected to open next September, so ignore the warnings that it would not open for a year later.  

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nahhh, don

  remember those two new public schools for downtown? The TriBeCa Tribune is reporting that two of the new schools slated for construction downtown are delayed, due to what the Mayor’s office terms “delayed funding”. (Not much of an explanation,

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another new school for Tribeca?

  A new public Intermediate School in Tribeca?? I missed the original mention in the Post, but The Real Deal credits the Post as reporting that the City is “considering” (weasel word, that!) opening an Intermediate School in Tower 5

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